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Grey's Anatomy - Recap & Review - Stand By Me

Grey's Anatomy
Stand By Me

Original Air Date: Mar 19, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Derek is in shambles and Izzie is terminal... can anyone save the day at Seattle Grace? Come find out!

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    A guy who was in a car accident twelve years ago- but whose face is still not right despite many facial reconstructions- is getting a face transplant. A bunch of his online friends show up to support him after the surgery but they show up a bit early and the patient freaks out and kicks them out- he doesn’t want them to see him pre-op. Unfortunately, the ethics board won’t allow the surgery without a post-op support system so he needs to reconcile with his friends first.

    The surgery ends up going quite well.

    She’s actually turned into kind of a bad-arse now that she is all sick. Keeping her interns in check, too, especially when they make a crack about Blowhole in front of him (it was subtle but not that bad). Izzie gets pissed but then Mark kicks Izzie off the case for being too emotional and crazy. He doesn’t want her in the OR with him since he’s been on the Blowhole case for three years.

    Meanwhile, Christina is trying to get Izzie to see a Cancer specialist but Izzie doesn’t seem to care. Christina is getting pretty frustrated, obviously, but Izzie explains she may not even want treatment for what is ultimately a 5% chance at survival. She has a good point (though I disagree with her in in principal) Christina wants to know why Izzie even told her.

    Christina is literally three seconds away from beginning her surgery for the day with Alex standing across from her. She explains in a detailed sentence what is wrong with Izzie. Alex looks stunned- he is stunned. And then Christina asks for the scalpel and begins her surgery.

    Izzie ultimately decides to pursue treatment. God, I am actually starting to like Izzie. Maybe they should save her.

    Bailey keeps sending surgeons to try and get Derek back. First, she sends Callie. Unfortunately, she reminisces about a patient she killed and ends up staying and having a brewski (beer) with Derek. Next recruit is Hunt who also tells a sad story of his and ends up drinking with Callie and Derek. Now the Chief shows up and he is pissed. He was doing OK but Derek is pissed that he told Meredith about the ring. Derek goes inside and shuts the door (to his trailer in the middle of the woods).

    Chief won’t give up on Derek and gives another pretty good speech. Derek says he doesn’t know if he can go back, and he asks Chief, what he’ll say to the Husband of his dead patient. He explains that when Adelle found out about the affair she found a way to forgive him.
    Meredith shows up when Derek calls. He asks her if she would still love him if he was not a surgeon. And she says no. She couldn’t love someone who walked away from the gift that he has, especially when her friend, Izzie, needs brain surgery.

    Apparently some of Izzie’s interns are having major drama- a few show up with a black eye and a busted arm. Basically they coerce one of the other interns to spill the beans. Long story short, one guy was dating a chick intern, they went on a break, another intern hooked up with the girl, the girl and the original guy got back together… and hence the drama.

    Mark: “Dr. Grey…”
    Lexi: “They think that you’re taking advantage of me… they think that I am using you… but they don’t know us. They think that we are ugly but I know that we are beautiful and we can adapt to a hostile environment.”
    (Lexi, to Mark, after a hot kiss between the two in front of Lexi’s hater interns)

    Well, readers, I thought it was a pretty good episode. What's your two cents?

  2. Fantastic episode! Definitely one of the best all season.

    I really loved that song "Driveway" by Great Northern that plays while Meredith and Derek have their moment together while she pleads for him to help Izzy. Fit the scene so well...I thought i wasn't going to cry but this scene really did it to me. Grey's always has great music, but this scene and song really stuck with me, so I blogged about it here:


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