Thursday, March 12, 2009

The New Adventures of Old Christine - Recap & Review - Too Close for Christine

The New Adventures of Old Christine
Too Close for Christine

Original Air Date: Mar 11, 2009

Caitlin - Senior Reviewer

This week, Christine makes a new friend. Who is the kind of person that can make Christine look responsible. Apparently such a being does exist.

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  1. This week, Christine makes a new friend. Who is the kind of person that can make Christine look responsible. Apparently such a being does exist.

    Richard, New Christine, and Barb are hanging out at Christine’s as Ritchie asks her about his homework. This leads to a conversation that reveals Ritchie has no friends at school. Also, in a random plot, Matthew’s room is devoid of heat, so he takes up an offer to stay in New Christine and Richard’s possibly-haunted guest room. At the school the very pregnant Meanie Moms approach Christine and try to hand their kids off on her for the pupil-free day the next day. But since his mom is Ritchie’s best friend, he and she will be spending the day together Except now Ritchie’s made a friend, and we soon find out all this has simply been a way to get Ritchie to meet new kid’s mom, Francie. She and her son are totally Christine and Ritchie 2.0.

    Matthew arrives at Richard and New Christine’s house and is instantly put up in posh hotel-like standards, including breakfast. Somehow, he finds this disconcerting. Meanwhile Christine and Barb prepare for Ritchie’s playdate while Christine is annoyed about Francie staying with her son. But Barb encourages her to be open to new friends- so she can take a break. Francie and Justin arrive, and both Ritchie and Justin are amazed to have a friend. Christine and Francie are left to extremely awkward small talk. It soon becomes clear Francie is even more of a ditz than Christine, which Barb comments on at the school.

    Later, Matthew walking in on Christine doing chores for Francie. She’s acting as her new friend’s rock, which, in addition to being a really bad idea, is getting on her nerves. Then Francie arrives and promptly breaks down in tears. Turns out her grandmother died, so now Christine can no longer take a break from her. Matthew, meanwhile, is feeling smothered by New Christine’s dinner dress code. And then hysteria! He and Richard accidentally spill wine on the rug, which he then somehow starts to unravel. Also unraveling is Francie, who asks Christine to say a few words about her grandmother at the funeral. Eventually she agrees to do it, and Richard and Matthew repair the rug with hot glue. Shockingly, this backfires, and winds up with New Christine ranting about all the work she does. Richard saves the day by actually being sweet- and then ruins it when his chandelier crashes from the ceiling. Finally, Barb comes to help out Christine by doing the eulogy for Francie’s grandma. It goes as well as you’d expect.

    What Old Christine Taught Me This Week:
    1. Christine failed History.
    2. The Lost and Found makes for great shopping.
    3. Irons work better when they’re plugged in.
    4. Be careful around Richard’s handiwork.
    5. Christine can’t do anything herself.


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