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Grey's Anatomy - Recap & Review - I Will Follow You Into the Dark

Grey's Anatomy
I Will Follow You Into the Dark

Original Air Date: Mar 12, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Well, it’s been a while since we last hung out with the Grey’s gang but here we are again. Time for some drama back at everyone’s favorite hospital, Seattle Grace!

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    Remember that pregnant woman who was crazy who Derek tried so hard to save but died? Yeah, well, I guess the husband is suing him and Derek is pretty bummed about it. During his deposition he is given his “death rate” and apparently he kills more people than he saves. But, to be fair, he takes on hard cases, he’s a BRAIN SURGEON, and he did that crazy medical trial. So, just because he kills more people than he saves, doesn’t mean he’s a bad surgeon.

    Derek walks out of the hospital and he wants to basically quit. He gets hammered and is hella upset. Meredith mentions she knows about the ring (Chief told her earlier to try and have her help get Derek back). Derek breaks out the ring and belts it off the hill he lives on with the baseball bat he was using to hit beer cans with. Meredith seems pretty resilient though and doesn’t want to leave.

    Note to self, DON’T wake up Hunt when he is sleeping because he thinks you are an Iraqi soldier and he may hurdle you across the room accidentally. Christina just learned THAT the hard way!

    A poor marching band girl has a seizure in the middle of a big game parade. And her dweeby friends are all mad that this poor girl had a seizure. Hey, band dorks, just so you know, band dork is pretty low on the nerd scale so let’s not get all high and mighty about the girl’s genetic disorder. The girl has another “seizure” but Alex is perplexed by one of her monitors- he is convinced she doesn’t have epilepsy but some other heart disorder. He arranges a dangerous procedure to get to the root of the problem despite Arizona’s skepticism.

    Karev was right! Something is wrong with her heart and that causes the seizures. Karev just saved this girls’ life. In the end, Arizona is impressed- she tells Alex he could be the resident to watch to take over the hospital!

    A bunch of family members all come in for a stomach-removal surgery because apparently they all have a genetic predisposition for cancer and much of their family has already passed away. When the other people find out how complex the surgery is (and some of its side effects) some of them start having some second thoughts.

    Turns out the alpha family member (Tricia) already had cancer but they were able to remove it during the stomach removal surgery. Her life was basically saved and now the other family members are inspired to get the surgery, too. One girl gets her surgery and it seems to go OK. But the dude is still a hold out (he doesn’t want anal leakage…).

    Chief is pretty peeved that Miranda wants to go to Pediatrics instead of become chief of surgery. Chief is being pretty lame about it, to be honest. Miranda brings in the big guns- Chief’s wife – to ream Chief about being stupid with Miranda. It was actually pretty hilarious.

    Izzie takes all the interns and puts them on her case but calls herself “patient-x”. After rounds and rounds, the interns discover what’s wrong with Izzie. It all went over my head but it sounds like a cancer in the brain that’s spreading everywhere. The interns give patient-X a prognosis of a few months with a 5% survival chance.

    Little Grey thanks Izzie in private for a good lesson and Izzie asks Lexi what she would say to patient-X. Lexi doesn’t know it but she gives a pretty good little speech on fighting until the end and not giving up. Alex is pretty excited about his accomplishments today and gushes to Izzie (in a sweet way) how she has to stop the patient-X stuff and start doing surgeries so they can be great together because he doesn’t want to be the future of the hospital without her.

    Izzie is bursting at the seams to tell someone. So she decides to tell Yang. And, episode over.

    Here it is your moment of Zen (also known as ‘quote of the episode’):
    Fat Ugly Band Dork: “So, she’s like, totally normal now”
    Alex: “Dude, none of you are normal, you’re freakin’ band nerds”
    Mark: “You think you broke me, Little Grey? You’re the one who put me back together”

    OK, readers- now it's your turn. What'd you like? What'd you hate? What was your favorite quote or moment? Give me your two cents. NOW! :)

  2. FINALLY: a good derek and meredith scene. dramatic. it would have been better if meredith seduced him into finally having some hot sex.

  3. Oh, Derek. I so want to smack you. Normally, I'm a card-carrying member of the Derek Defenders League, but the ring was just...there's no excuse for that. I'm glad Mer stood her ground, but now, for the first time ever, I'm thinking SHE'S the one who can do better.

  4. Amanda-

    I think Derek's ego is bruised the most and that's what bothers me. And, come on, they showed the ring in the grass at the end of the episode which means Derek will prob rebound and propose in the next episode!!

  5. I like the scene at the very end where Izzie and Yang go into the broiler room (at least I think thats what it is) to talk about her cancer situation. The air vent is one of the many little things I love about the show. And how they incorporate it to where the characters use it to chill the hell out about whatever life has thrown at them is awesome (but I still think the show has gone downhill since season 3). I need an air vent....


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