Monday, March 23, 2009

Family Guy - Recap & Review - Fox-y Lady

Family Guy
“Fox-y Lady”

Original Airdate: Mar 22, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Three weeks in a row, Fox? Really? NO WAY! This is insane. Well, no complaints from me I can take Family Guy's awesome politically incorrect social commentary any day of the week! Please do enjoy!

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  1. Peter becomes obsessed with Fox News because of their hot anchors and he buys an HD TV so he can watch Fox News anchors in HD. Turns out in HD the main anchor is hideously ugly so they fire. Chris and Meg try and convince Lois to apply for the new Fox News opening.

    Brian, of course, objects but Lois goes to apply and she gets the job. Brian is still upset so Lois offers to take Brian to work. During the tour the guide offers Lois and Brian a cold drink. Lois notices that there is new refrigerator and the guide explains they just use Ann Coulter. Cut to Ann Coulter, who spreads her legs, for an employee to grab a drink. I feel so violated.

    Lois’ first assignment is to do an investigative report on one of America’s biggest enemies- Michael Moore- and they want Lois to prove he’s a closet homosexual. Oh, Fox News. During the stakeout they catch Rush Limbaugh coming out of Michael Moore’s house. Lois concludes the theory is true- Michael Moore is gay- with Rush Limbaugh. Ok, that’s about the most disgusting sexual combination this write can ever imagine. Yuck!!

    Of course, when Lois pitches this idea with her proof, they dismiss it as not being a story. They explain they just don’t want to smear a fellow conservative. Lois actually objects to this and Brian wants her to release the story. Stewie also hypothesizes about how gross that matchup would be (Rush and Michael).

    Brian and Lois go on another stakeout. Turns out Rush and Michael are not sleeping together- Michael Moore IS Rush Limbaugh… who is also Fred Savage who created both characters! He explains that after The Wonder Years he needed acting roles so he created those characters- and like ten more! Fred just wants recognition as being the best actor ever so he agrees to let Lois run the story!

    Meanwhile, Peter and Chris are trying to write an animated comedy but Meg is hopeless. Peter and Chris keep talking behind Meg’s back and it’s pretty hilarious. Seriously, they do this like five times. Eventually they fire Meg. Poor Meg. Peter mocks up drawings, has an audio test with all his friends, and honestly, this side plot was pretty hilarious!!

    Peter actually mocks up a cartoon and pitches it to Fox News and it’s the most god awful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Fox likes the show but wants to change something tiny, Peter is offended, so Fox offers to buy it anyway, and Peter says no.

    Best Gag:
    Lois is running home after getting the Fox News gig. But she trips and does Peter’s “shhh ahhh” gig- only she is clutching her boob!! OMG, it was hilarious!!

    Quote of the episode:
    Brian: “Lois, you can’t possibly be considering working for Fox News.”
    Lois: “Why not”
    Brian: “Why not because they’re evil and they distort the truth and they do the bidding of the Republican party”


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