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Big Love - Recap & Review - Sacrament

Big Love

Original Air Date: Mar 22, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Drum roll, please, readers. We’re here- the season finale of Big Love! It’s been an intense season to say the least as we watch Bill’s family slowly disintegrate into fragments. After so much drama will any of it be resolved or will HBO leave us with a cliffhanger that has Bill and his family left in shambles? Let’s find out together, shall we?

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  1. Most of the episode revolves around the Greene family having kidnapped Kimberly, Ted’s daughter. Bill, despite his differences with Ted, has been more than helpful in trying to get Kimberly back. Roman plays ball so that he can go back to his compound and a deal is reached. Roman and Bill will meet Hollice and trade Kimberly for the authentication documents. Roman doesn’t know it’s actually also a sting to arrest the Greene family.

    Unfortunately, during the drive, Roman diverts without telling anyone, and the drop is made somewhere else. Hollice is not happy that the authentication documents have a stamp and not a seal (he is insane, after all). He rejects the deal and takes Kimberly back but Bill can see Selma is upset with this. The DA is livid but Bill convinces him to let Roman call Selma personally. They setup another drop point.

    This time the DA puts a tracker on Roman’s car but Bill insists that Selma’s arrest happen after Roman is gone so that Roman feels safe and doesn’t flee. Long story short, Roman gets a call from his wife and she tells Roman not to trust Bill (more on this, later) so Roman pulls a gun on Bill. They still get Kimberly back, and thankfully Don is camping out waiting to follow Selma, and eventually Selma lands herself back in the DA’s office spilling the beans on Roman killing Kathy. Roman is none the wiser, however, as he reacquaints himself at the compound… we’ll come back to this later.

    After the kidnapping ordeal Ted thanks Bill and says they’ll work the casino thing out. Bill, however, already went to the LDS church and offered a 5% donation to them on his casino revenue but said Ted was standing in the way. LDS being money grubbers told Bill they’d make sure his problem went away. Wow, did Bill finally get a hand up for once? We’ll see!

    In the meantime, Nikki is back on the compound bantering with Albie about killing their parents. Fun times! But, I suspect Albie is taking it a bit more serious than Nikki is. They are interrupted by Nikki’s ex-husband who has Nikki’s 14-year old daughter there, too. He isn’t happy about being sent to Canada and he is trying to leverage Nikki’s daughter against this. Nice, huh?

    Soon we see that Albie and his insane wife are actually building a bomb. Albie brings it to his mother’s hotel room, arms it, and knocks on the door. During Albie’s escape the maid comes and throws his plans off- the bomb goes off in the hallway with his mom inside the room so Albie and the maid end up hurt- not the mother. This is where Albie spills the beans on Bill knowing everything- hence the mom’s phone call to Roman I mentioned earlier. Albie. You are such a miserable failure. Never send a boy to do a man’s job.

    It’s probably also worth mentioning that Sarah proposes to Scott. Yes, you read that right, Sarah proposes to Scott while they are in a park playing with some random baby (I still don’t know whose baby it was!!). Scott at first says they should think about it, but later on, he shows up at Sarah’s house and says yes. As you can imagine, Barb is unhappy about this, as is Ben, as is Bill when he finds out, but pretty quickly Bill realizes he can’t do much to stop it so he gives them his blessing. Barb is pissed and goes on this crazy rant about renting and Indian woman to bear another child for them with Bill’s sperm. Swear to God, I am NOT making this up! Barb needs some Oxycontin.

    The finale wraps up as Bill gives his family sacrament from “the church of Bill” or something. Nikki shows up- with her daughter- and Bill gives them both sacrament. Oh, sacrament is water (or wine) and bread (those cardboard wafers you eat at church, you know, “body of Christ”). So, anyway, Bill seems to accept Nikki- and his new daughter- into their home.

    Roman is jamming on his guitar back at the compound. What’s that? A sound in the closet? OH MY GOD IT’S JOEY. AND HE LOOKS PISSED. Joey suffocates Roman with a pillow and leaves. Wow. Joey, you’re my new Big Love hero!!!

    That’s it, friends, I hope to see you when Season 4 starts up!

    Quote of the episode:

    Margie: "Barb, you're not losing Sarah- you're gaining Scott"
    Barb: "Not... Helping"

  2. That was Margene's baby girl (Hubs couldn't figure that one out either!)

    I liked Margene starting her jewelry business without Bill's permission. Something tells me that having her own money will come in handy ~ like when she decides to walk out on this insane family & has three kids to support.

    Bill & Nikki are So. Going. To. Jail. Is it mean that I want to see "Ray the DA" pay Nikki back for some of the crap she's done? (Am I the only one who saw the same devious little gleam in the new daughter's eye? She is definetly her mother's child)

    Please don't let Sarah marry that idiot. Please?

    I guess Bill's tired of not fitting in anywhere so he's making his own church. I thought they basically were their own church already though? They have their own weddings, baptisms & services - what else is there for them to do? Get a tax write off as a religious entity?

    Barb's last cracker broke on that India idea. Sister needs some of Margene's happy pills!

    You know Roman's not dead. He can't be.


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