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Ghost Whisperer - Recap & Review - Ghost Busted

Ghost Whisperer
"Ghost Busted"

Original Air Date: Feb 27, 2009

Lynn – Senior Reviewer

Melinda realizes she can't keep chasing after ghosts for much longer before Sam starts to wonder what's really going on. Meanwhile, a new ghost buster shows up in Grandview. Could he really be of any help in a missing person case?

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  1. After Sam and Melinda have dinner together, Melinda is about to tell Sam about her gift. Seriously, she's this close, when she spots a van across the street with a big plastic ghost on top. A man named Linus introduces himself and explains that he can see ghosts with his equipment. Sam's skepticism is apparent, and Melinda loses her courage.

    Later, Jim comes into the antique shop to ask Delia about Melinda and how private she is with what she does. Delia assures him that eventually she'll let him in on the secret.

    Eli and his new friend Linus use special dorky-looking goggles to see ghost energy in a house where a woman, Ms. Bellsbury died. The ghost leads them to empty boxes of cake mix, which shows she withdrew all of her money from her savings before she died.

    Eli shows Mel pictures of the ghost energy on picked up by Linus's equipment when Jim comes in and asks about what they're doing. He seems to think it's all a joke or a scam.

    Back at the haunted house, Melinda sees the ghost whose energy Eli and his pal saw earlier. However, it isn't Mrs. Bellsbury, but a man, who leads them to Mrs. Bellsbury's body.

    Linus is seeing ghosts everywhere, he says, and Melinda and Eli begin to think maybe he's seeing them because he is haunted.

    Jim meets Eli with a theory about Melinda: she's a profiler, he says, and Eli decides to cover one lie with another and somewhat confirms it.

    Melinda goes to talk to Linus's old girlfriend, who is happy to see Linus is doing so well. She explains how she wishes her dad could see him today, because he was so hard on Linus. Her dad died and is the ghost Melinda saw in Mrs. Bellsbury's house.

    Melinda and Eli find Linus helping another family find whether or not they have ghosts in their house. Sam is driving by as the child of the family runs out of the house because Linus saw a ghost in the detector. Jim is about to get angry at him before Melinda defends him and finally makes her confession: she can talk to ghosts.

    Linus and his not-so-ex-girlfriend meet Melinda, Eli, and the ghost of Carrie's dad in the middle of Grandview's park. He apologizes for not believing in what Linus had such faith in. He says adieu before crossing over.

    Sam approaches Melinda as she's checking the mail at her house. He says after the accident he wanted to hold on to things that were solid, so he had trouble with Melinda's gift. Like it took her awhile to tell him about it, he'll need a while to understand.

    This episode was just so-so for me. Hopefully Melinda and Sam's relationship will be not so awkward after this, because that's how it's felt for me for the past episode or two. And you? Let's hear your two cents!


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