Thursday, March 19, 2009


... Natasha Richardson, Actress

From CNN: "Natasha Richardson, a film star, Tony-winning stage actress and member of the famed Redgrave acting family, died Wednesday after suffering injuries in a ski accident, according to a family statement. She was 45."

Natasha was seen on TV in many TV movies and most recently appeared in this past season of Top Chef.


  1. It's all so incredibly sad. My heart goes out to her family and friends. She was an amazingly gifted actress and had such grace and presence. I must have spent a solid nine months listening to the Cabaret revival soundtrack back in my senior year of high school and she was wonderful. Natasha was one of the best and she is already greatly missed.

  2. My heart goes out to her husband & their boys. They seemed to have a very happy & normal family ~ unlike what you usually see coming out of Hollywood. It was refreshing to see a couple that could have their level of achievement & recognition and yet maintain sanity and order. That has to be, in no small part, due to Natasha. She will be greatly missed, on stage and off.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. I coudn't imagine suffering such a loss. The first time I saw her was in The Parent Trap and though I hate to admit that I liked a Lindsay Lohan movie, I loved Natasha as the mother.


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