Monday, March 9, 2009

Family Guy - Recap & Review - Family Gay

Family Guy
“Family Gay”

Original Air Date: Mar 08, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Mentally challenged horses, Gay stereotypes galore, and an 11-man orgy. Yes, you guessed it- Family Guy is back!

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  1. We begin this episode with Lois giving Peter a simple task: go to the store, buy beans, return home Of course, Peter finds a way to end up in Louisville and purchase a mentally challenged horse. How something like this happens we’ll never know. At any rate, Lois immediately notices that something is off about this horse when it slams its head against the wall and passes out. Oh, and it doesn’t help when the horse urinates in the living room.

    Lois and Peter are off to see a movie but the horse is in the way. They finally get the horse to move but Peter had his foot on the gas so hard that he speeds off- into Cleveland’s house! Family Guy breaks out the recurring joke and once again we see poor Cleveland in the bath tub falling out of his 2nd story into his lawn! Classic. In the meantime, the horse also manages to wander into Peter’s bedroom at night and starts to lick Peter’s bare bottom. That was definitely an amusing scene!

    Peter has one of his brilliant schemes the next day and opts to breed the horse after entering him in a derby. Needless to say, the horse does not do well, and in fact destroys a lot of the derby coliseum, tramples a pack of deaf 2nd graders, and takes out another woman’s baby. Mind you, Fox doesn’t show you this they just report it over the loud speaker at the race.

    Turns out that Peter owes $100,000 now for all the damage that the horse did and he is going to have to take a job. He decides to become a lab rat. Peter is injected with a number of different needles… the first turns him into a squirrel, the next turns him into Seth Rogen, and the final needle turns him into a gay man.

    Peter quickly finds his groove as a gay man and begins baking muffins, dressing “loudly”, and even finds a new boyfriend- Scott- who he moves in with! Stewie is apparently very anti-gay and Brian and Stewie have some of the funniest dialogue in the episode (see the quote at the end). On the other hand, Lois is devastated by this. Eventually, Brian and Stewie devise a plan to send Peter to straight camp! After a few days Scott comes to the Griffin house to see where Peter is and Brian spills the beans to Lois. She decides to break Peter out of gay camp and let him be with Scott. When Peter returns he has a surprise for Peter- an eleven man orgy!

    Just as Peter is starting his orgy we cut back to the doctor’s office who reveals that the gay gene only lasts for two and a half weeks. I think you all know where this is going. Cut back to Scott’s place where you can hear Peter enjoying himself… but that quickly turns to Peter screaming and running out of Scott’s place naked (but he does go back and grab a bunch of balloons first). Peter returns to Lois and things are all back to normal again.

    My Two Cents: Family Guy is going to be looked back as the social commentary of my generation. Another politically incorrect episode about a politically sensitive topic with tons of hilarity! Eight and a half out of ten Stewies!

    Memorable Pop Culture References:
    Dragon’s Lair (video game)
    Wild Hogs (movie)
    Matt Damon
    James Bond
    Ronald Reagan (he was apparently gay with Gorbachev)

    Here it is your moment of Zen (Best Quote):
    Brian: Stewie, you’re just judgmentally quoting Bible verses and you don’t even know how to read
    Stewie: Welcome to America, Brian!

  2. Don't you just hate that when you're about to enjoy an 11-man-orgy and the drugs wear off? Gaaahh!

  3. As James Bond would say, "fifty no's and one yes means yes!"

    Loved this episode. From the brain-dead horse to the anti-gay Stewie to the classic Cleveland in the bathtub to even that gross scene with the cereal and "milk" from the fridge.

    Classic episode. I'm definitely going to be re-watching this one.

  4. Crystal-

    OMG the "milk" scene was sooooo gross but funny. When Stewie is like "WTF" then he's just like "Eh, whatever". hahahaha. so funny.

  5. I was rolling on Cleveland's bath scene!

    The milk part ~ I almost choked on a cheeto. That was just so very, very wrong. *shudders*

  6. Thomas and Bella: The whole milk thing was like "O_O ick ick he's still eating it!!! D: ......teeeheeee."

    The magic of family guy.

  7. haha.. Bella/Crystal. The "milk" was seriously out of control. But Stewie being all anti-gay the entire time was really funny, too. Especially how he had the "Straight camp" pamphlets for like a year. OMG, that episode had some pretty classic moments!!

  8. Add to Pop Culture References: The French Mistake dance scene if a reference to the same scene in Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles".


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