Monday, March 9, 2009

Big Love - Recap & Review - Rough Edges

Big Love
Rough Edges

Original Air Date: Mar 8, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

I have to say this episode was actually not super crazy break the TV frustrating. Don’t worry there were plenty of crazy to go around but some of it was actually pretty awesome so I will do a small section at the end “what didn’t drive me crazy”. Ok, everyone, let’s strap on our magic underpants and get our Mormon on!

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  1. • Nicki starts the episode by continuing to wander in affair land with Ray. She lies about her relationship being over when she goes to see Ray. Unfortunately, Ray is pretty into Nicki (why I don’t know) and he sends her flowers—to Margie—which is the name Ray knows Nicki by. Follow? Long story short, Nicki FINALLY confesses to Ray, but Ray flips out and storms out just as Bill is coming home and Barb is outside, too. It all comes full circle with Ray confronting Nicki in front of Bill about all this. Honestly, Nicki drives me crazy, put watching Ray chew her out for three full minutes was awesome!

    • Wanda and Bill’s Mom are preparing food for Kathy’s funeral. First, they’re making something with potatoes and miracle whip and that just sounds disgusting!!! Then they turn the radio on and it’s more crazy Utah music.

    • Wanda gets a visitor and it’s someone who knew or is related to Nicki. Know who it is? It’s actor Zeljko Ivanek. Now, that name may not sound familiar but he is in everything these days!! True Blood, Heroes, and now Big Love and god knows what else. IMDB him- seriously. This only annoyed me because I could not remember his name during the episode!

    • Don doesn’t know how to drive without getting lost. Get a GPS, man.

    • Not only is Nicki busted but of course she goes into automatic victim mode. She blames her mom and her dad and complains to Sarah about how bad she has it. Earth to Nicki- it’s your fault and only your fault. OMG!!

    • Roman shows up at the funeral and has the nerve to pretend he cares about Joey. I really thought Joey was going to murder Roman right there- and he should have. Nicki confronts Roman about how much trouble she may be in with the DA (Ray) and he doesn’t care. You know things are bad when Albie comes off looking like the nice guy compared to Roman.

    • Barb’s sister is really pissed about this whole polygamy document thing and she’s basically ratting Barb out as a polygamist to some Bishop. Ugh, Mormons are so much DRAMA, dude!

    • The Greenes are back- of course- and they almost kill Bill over this silly letter business. Thankfully whiney Don saves the day by walking in at the right time and sneaking a fire alarm pull to get the Greenes to flee.
    Like I said: plenty of frustrations but all in all not bad. I loved watching Nicki get reamed by the DA and at one point Joey goes to Adeline’s hotel room and KICKS THE DOOR DOWN to try and get information about Kathy’s death. You go, boy!!

    Anyway that’s all the Mormon I can take for one week. Here’s my quote of the episode:

    “Oh, Wanda, if I had a dollar for every person I’ve wished death on I’d be the richest woman in the world”
    (Bill’s Mom, to Wanda, who feels bad for not liking Kathy for so long)

  2. Apparently the Mormon church is piiiiiiiissed about this week's episode ~ I can only imagine it would be due to the whole "there's a letter proving our church leaders supported polygamy and this is part of our religious background." It would seem that the leadership is concerned that people won't take this as what it was meant to be: A PLOT LINE. I'm guessing that people who watch HBO on Sunday nights aren't quite their demographic though.

    I was really waiting for Joey to pull out a gun on Roman (pleasepleasepleaseplease!)

    It's a screwy week when Bill's mom & Albie come off as nice people .... I can't believe Albie let Niki stay with his family at the end.

    I thought Barb's sister went to the Bishop asking about the letter because of her own confusion ~ I don't think she wants to hate her sister, but she likes the power position that her family is in & Barb's family threatens that. So when her husband spends THAT much money to hide a letter, it shakes her faith in the church. I think the end result was outing Barb's family to the Bishop ~ but I don't think that was her intention.

    So Ivanek is Wanda's brother -- is he supposed to be Niki's first husband? (the one she hated & didn't want to marry?)


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