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The Amazing Race – Recap & Review – It Was Like a Caravan of Idiots (Siberia)

The Amazing Race 14
It Was Like a Caravan of Idiots

Original Air Date: Mar 8, 2009

Rachel – Sr Managing Editor

If you could prevent a really strong team from going on, possibly eliminating them from the race entirely (in a very harsh way I might add), and remain completely anonymous, would you do it? Yeah... me, too!

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  1. The Top 10 Things I Learned on The Amazing Race 14

    Christie and Jodi [Flight Attendants]: What? They came in first? What? After some wise decisions in the airport (they are flight attendants, remember?) and a run-in with a handsy judge at the Detour in Siberia (see picture), the perpetually penultimate team actually got to Phil in 1st place, and won two motorcycles to boot!

    Kisha and Jenn [Sisters]: Using their height to sail through the freakishly hard firewood-stacking Detour, the sisters were almost team numero uno. Too bad their taxi driver dropped them off at the BACK of the theatre where the Pit Stop was located. I swear, taxi drivers control this game. They arrived at the mat in 2nd.

    Tammy and Victor [Siblings/Lawyers]: After a horrible leg last week, and being almost three hours behind the other teams, the siblings took advantage of the Great Equalizer that is the airport. That, and the fact that they knew Chekhov was a (if not THE) great Russian playwright, got them to the pit stop in 3rd.

    Margie and Luke [Mother/Son]: During the Road Block, Luke struggled with unscrambling the name Chekhov. By all accounts, English is his second language, and pulling a random Russian playwrights name out of thin are seemed almost impossible. After several tries, he finally began writing out the letters in random, Russian-sounding orders and started trying them all – hitting on Chekhov soon thereafter! Way to persevere, Luke! It should be added that, in a new game twist, Luke and Margie nominated Amanda and Kris for a “Blind U-Turn” (an anonymous option). This diabolical move may come back to haunt them. They arrived at the mat in 4th.

    Cara and Jaime [Former NFL Cheerleaders]: At the Detour, the girls opted to do the freakishly hard firewood –stacking... and after a few tries, actually succeeded with “no help from boys!” Then, in one of the luckiest breaks in the episode, Jaime guessed “Chekhov” on the first try. What? Yeah. They got to Phil 5th.

    Mel and Mike [Father/Son]: In a very “blind-leading-the-blind” segment, the final three teams banded together on the Construct-Some-Shutters Detour, from which stemmed the episode title “It Was Like a Caravan of Idiots.” They could barely put the shutters together, let alone find the house that needed them. Luckily for Mel and Mike, they finished first and got to the mat in 6th.

    Mark and Michael [Brothers/Stuntmen]: talk about bad luck! First, their woodpile toppled over. Then, they spent hours looking for the right house on which to install the shutters. It almost became comedic when they borrowed a cell phone from a cab driver to book plane tickets. See, their taxi driver called the other taxi driver who gave the phone to Cara and Jaime who pretended to be Lufthansa booking agents. The girls started laughing so hard that they hung up before “reserving” Mark and Mike tickets. They just couldn’t do it. Man, that would have been awesome! The boys got to Phil in 7th.

    Amanda and Kris [Dating]: These two had become a threat, and it was because of this that Luke decided to U-Turn them, forcing them back to do the OTHER Detour before they could continue on. Amanda and Kris were VERY angry, but, really, it was a good move. They could have won the whole thing had Luke not taken the opportunity to knock them out. It’s a game, right? They got to the mat last and were eliminated from the race.

    What do YOU think? Did the right team go home? Would you do a “Blind U-Turn?” Give us your Two Cents… We’ll buy some theatre history books for out local elementary school.

    Next Week: More Russia.... it's a big country!

  2. Luke and Margie didn't U Turn Amanda and Kris because they were a threat in general (although, they were). It was because they wanted the redheads to be able to beat them.I was very disappointed with Luke during the Chekov challenge. He kept whining and begging his mother with looks to come save him -- looking like he'd rather give up than keep trying. What a time waster. I know he's deaf, but he need to grow up!


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