Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Reaper Returns Early on March 3rd!!

Season two finds Sam wrestling with the recent discovery that he may be the son of the Devil. But Sam quickly learns that getting groomed to take over the “family business” comes with a whole new litany of headaches. The demon rebellion he once collaborated with is now out to kill him – a conflict further complicated when Ben starts dating the demon assassin (Jenny Wade, “Feast,” “No Reservations”) tasked with the job Sam also finds he’s not the Devil’s only son and that one in particular (Armie Hammer, “Billy,” “Veronica Mars”) is Hell-bent on taking Sam’s place at the Devil’s side. Plus, Sam must decide whether to reveal any of this news to his girlfriend Andi (Missy Perergrym, “Heroes”) who’s already wary of his extracurricular activities for Hell. But a chance encounter with an elusive soul (Sean Patrick Thomas, “Save the Last Dance,” “A Raisin in the Sun”) who claims to have gotten out of his own deal with the Devil, offers Sam a glimmer of hope that he may not be stuck working for the Devil forever. Getting him to reveal exactly how he did it, however, will be easier said than done.

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