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Lie To Me - Recap & Review - Love Always

Lie To Me
Love Always

Original Air Date: Feb 18, 2009

JD - Associate Staff Writer

In this week's episode of Lie To Me, Lightman and gang go to a wedding!  How sweet!  Except it's not really very sweet at all.  Foster may think that weddings are "a beautiful celebration of love and hope", but Lightman likes to think of it as "Christmas for liars".  I'm inclined to go with him on this one.

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  1. In this week's episode of Lie To Me, Lightman and gang go to a wedding!  How sweet!  Except it's not really very sweet at all.  Foster may think that weddings are "a beautiful celebration of love and hope", but Lightman likes to think of it as "Christmas for liars".  I'm inclined to go with him on this one.

    We check in on Lightman's gang this week as Lightman is giving a lecture on how to determine if someone is about to commit a premeditated crime.  He says it's all in the face, of course: brows drawn down and together, upper lid elevated, and tightness under the eyes.  If you see this expression on someone's face, run.  And why are we learning this today?  Simple.  Lightman and crew are going to be attending a wedding!  And no, the bride hasn't ticked of the wedding planner to the extreme. 

    See, this isn't just any normal wedding.  It's the wedding of the son of a Korean Ambassador, Park Jung-Soo, who recently announced his candidacy for president, only to have death threats made against him.  The Lightman group is off to scan the wedding group for microexpressions and suspicious looking people.

    Oh yeah, and one of the Secret Service guys is hitting on Torres.  Hmm, episode four and already pairing her off?  I really, really hope not.

    As it turns out, the Secret Service is covering the actual wedding ceremony (because who cares if the assassin shoots then?!), and the Lightman gang are covering the reception, which is going to have a couple hundred people.  No easy shakes.  Not only that, Lightman thinks this will be extra hard to spot the guy, considering at most weddings "champagne and resentment flow together".  Sensing a bitterness here?  Aw, I love the cranky bastard, I have to admit.

    So in comes Foster's husband.  Remember him?  The guy Torres told us was a big fat liar in episode one.  Yeah, he's still a big fat liar. 

    And Torres wants to tell Foster again. 

    And Lightman tells her to shut her trap.  Again

    I realize this is only episode four, but Foster's hubby is just a wee bit one dimensional.  Dear show, If you're going to create a character to be a jerk, can we at least get a jerk with some sort of character, please?

    Anyway, Lightman and Foster go to see Ambassador Jung-Soo, and Lightman ever so smoothly suggests canceling the wedding to eliminate risk, which sends Foster into "fix the awkward" mode for a moment.  In the process, though, Lightman notices the Ambassador seems a little unsure about his bodyguard, flashing one of those "lip shrugs" we were told about in previous episodes (look, ma!  I'm learning!).

    Meanwhile, after her bossly reprimand, Torres has gone to work the metal detectors with Loker, and lo and behold, Mr. Suave Special Services Guy is there to hit on her again.  Give me a break.  Though the scene does have one really great moment.  Loker's demonstration of the full expression Mr. Suave flashed her made me laugh out loud.  I'm starting to come around to that boy.

    Lightman decides the Ambassadors expression regarding his body guard is embarrassment, and he and Foster banter a bit about weddings.  She, being the good, sweet girl the show keeps trying to beat into our heads that she is, loves weddings.  Okay, okay, so I have to admit I'm coming around to her too.  Her optimism is tiring to perpetual cynics like me, but... you know, she's starting to become a person more than a caricature, so that's nice.

    And we're off to the reception!  The team wanders around the place, openly staring at people, and Foster notices something is still a bit hinky about the way Jung-Soo's son relates to the bodyguard as well.  Somehow, I get the feeling we should watch this guy, huh?  The bride and groom are introduced to the reception guests, and the open staring continues until Lightman spots someone across the room sporting the premeditated crime expression.  He just looks like he's brooding to me, but what do I know?

    Secret Service runs after the guy, chaos ensues, and bang!  Someone gets shot...

    Only it's not the Ambassador.

    I think this is the strongest episode so far.  Granted, there aren't many episodes yet, but I think having the team all together on this one really helped the episode.  They took one case and made it really strong, rather than spreading two stories thin, and I hope they stick to this formula.  Something tells me they won't, as it doesn't fit the pattern established so far, but I can hope, right?

    This episode also had more twists than the ones before it too, which I think is another benefit of doing one case instead of two.  The plot was thicker, and please excuse the cliche.  It's true, after all.

    What did you guys think?  Split the team up again, or keep them together?  Have you developed an irrational fear of frowns and broody looking people?  Are you planning to tear your hair out if the show gives Torres some cocky love interest this early on?  I know I'll be tempted on that last one.

    Give me your two cents!

  2. It's only episode four and I've started to watch co-workers and family to look for sings of lies! This episode didn't even spare Obama himself. I'm in love with this show.

  3. LOL Oh, I know! I keep watching people at work. 'Was that a real smile or a fake one? Did he really mean that?' I think the show has a lot of room left to grow, but I like it. Even if it may well drive me crazy watching people now. ;)


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