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Grey’s Anatomy - Recap & Review - An Honest Mistake

Grey’s Anatomy
An Honest Mistake

Original Air Date: Feb 19, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

So we are ready to (I think) conclude the Private Practice – Grey’s Anatomy crossover episode arc which frankly I feel like was just a lame stunt by ABC to try and get more people to watch Private Practice - which I will not, no matter how BEAUTIFUL Addison is! OK, wash your hands and scrub in it’s time to dive in!

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  1. So we are ready to (I think) conclude the Private Practice – Grey’s Anatomy crossover episode arc which frankly I feel like was just a lame stunt by ABC to try and get more people to watch Private Practice - which I will not, no matter how BEAUTIFUL Addison is! OK, wash your hands and scrub in it’s time to dive in!

    We start off with Jen again (pregnant lady, brain aneurysm, ran over husband with car, etc) is having some blood flow issues so they’ve got to do another surgery. Derek requests that Addison stays to supervise for the sake of the baby. The husband states- very plainly- to Derek and Addison (privately) that if, during the surgery, the choice comes down to saving the wife or the baby he wants to save the wife (he uses very simple logic that they can make another baby but not another Jen).

    Addison almost jumps the gun and takes the baby out early during the surgery but Derek seems to finish in time. But, of course, like ten minutes later, something happens and Jen has to go back into surgery. Derek has to remove the temporal lobe but that may destroy her speech and/or memory. Things don’t get much better and Addison wants to take out the baby but Derek wants to try and take out the frontal lobe! WHAT?! I am no doctor but isn’t that a full frontal lobotomy?? The baby is dying and Derek still wants to turn Jen into a vegetable.

    Addison takes a stand and decides to take the baby out… Derek and Addison come to head (each with a scalpel) and they argue a bit so they send Karev to get the Chief (while the baby is dying, mind you, and Jen is basically already lost). Even Meredith jumps in to try and get Derek to come to his senses. Finally, Addison decides to try and get the baby and Chief backs her up. They get the baby out but Jen dies and Derek is clearly devastated by this. The husband is also and basically calls Derek a murderer.

    An older man comes in who fell down the stairs. He had a surgery there last week and when Owen, Callie and Christina check it out, they are a bit mortified to see it was botched by a doctor name Campbell. Ultimately, Christina reports her to the Chief so the Chief decides to inquire a little bit. They take the guy back into surgery and the patient still wants Dr. Campbell. During the surgery (which Chief is watching) Dr. Campbell is doing her best to condescend to Christina and make her look stupid and finally Yang has had enough and retorts with a witty comeback but that gets her kicked out of the OR. In the end, however, Dr. Campbell decides it’s time for her to retire from surgery.

    Remember last episode Izzie took a test and found she was just Anemic? And another lady was told she had Cancer? Well, she comes back in, and turns out that someone accidently switched the test results! Izzie does a quick examination of herself and doesn’t seem to find anything but I surely enjoyed looking at that fine body. She runs a bunch of real tests throughout the episode but we don’t find out whats wrong with her- yet.

    So the doctor whose name I cannot remember (blonde, works in pediatrics, shoes with little wheels, kissed Callie in the bathroom- come on readers, what’s her name??) is approached by Callie. Callie asks her out but when “Dr. Blonde” learns Erica was Callie’s first she turns Callie down. She’s apparently a “confirmed lesbian” while Callie is an “experimental lesbian”. Kind of makes sense, really. Callie decides to give it another shot at the bar- right in front of Dr. Blonde’s date!! Haha- Awesome.

    Mark and Lexi continue their “secret dating” as Mark wants to wait for the right time to tell Derek. Mark waltzes in at one point and starts complimenting Derek- a lot- and finally he says they have to discuss something. Derek says “go ahead and have sex with Addison” even though that’s not what Mark wants to talk about. After that Mark backs out! Grr!! So Mark finally decides to tell Derek but of course he picks the worst timing EVER and it’s right after Derek loses Jen and is called a murdered by the Husband. So, of course, Derek, in response, decks Mark in the face!! FFFFIIIIGGGGHHHTTT!!! Derek punches Mark again, and then Mark hits back, then Derek tackles Mark and away we go! Hunt sees the scuffle and then eventually so does everyone else. No real winner.

    Here it is your moment of Zen (also known as ‘quote of the episode’):
    Lexi: (seeing Mark all beat up) I am so sorry!
    Mark: It was worth it.

  2. Aw come on! Give Private Practice a chance ~ I say this as a girl who vowed to hate the show that stole Addison ... and then watched it just once so that I would know what I was hating ... and then wound up addicted. I know, it's a sickness. Much like 3 Stooges re-runs. But they are still worth watching!

    *steps off of soap box & takes a deep breath*

    I still don't know Dr. Blonde's real name! I wish someone would hurry up & use it though ... how long can they go without naming a character I wonder?

    McDreamy & McSteamy fighting?! HAAAAWT!! Double Yummy. Now if they had just let Hunt get a few punches in, it would have been perfection.

    Izzy has cancer. I'm trying to find a reason to hate that for her, but she's just gotten on my nerves in the last two seasons. Her & George both ~ Buh Bye. Although George last week with the intern girl, getting her to realize that she sucks, that was a really good scene. I miss *that* George.

    Seriously, just try Private Practice for one week. You may even get to see some Addison skin ;) (Ok, but not this week 'cause she's single. I'll let you know when she starts dating again.)

  3. Hi Bella-

    Ok, maybe I will try Private Practice but only for Addison. God that woman is a knockout! :)

    Yeah, when George owned Sadie- that was awesome!!!

  4. "Dr. Blonde's" first name is Arizona - they've mentioned it several times. Also, IMDB lists her as Dr. Arizona Robbins.

    Also, Izzy did find a mole on her back and went up to Dermatology to have it removed and biopsied. At the end of the episode we see the Dermatology doc come down to give Izzy her results - but we're not told what the results are.


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