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Dollhouse - Recap & Review - The Target

The Target

Original Air Date: Feb 20, 2009

Angelique – Associate Staff Writer

Three months ago, the dolls living at the facility were urged to go their sleeping area while an alarm sounds in the background. They are confused because they never go to bed without a shower. Nevertheless, they get into their beds because they have no idea what else to do.

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  1. Three months ago, the dolls living at the facility were urged to go their sleeping area while an alarm sounds in the background. They are confused because they never go to bed without a shower. Nevertheless, they get into their beds because they have no idea what else to do.

    Apparently a doll named Alpha has killed a couple of security agents and wounded several others (among them Dr. Saunders, which explains the scars on her face). Echo is found in a room, blood is smeared on her naked body, with several dead dolls lying around her. She doesn’t know that people can die and keeps saying that they won’t wake up.

    In their resting state, the actives are as innocent as children. It is called the ‘tabula rasa’ (blank slate). When their minds are imprinted, they can become anything you want them to be: friend, confidant, lover... your heart's desire made flesh.

    Richard Connell wants his heart's desire made flesh and seeks the help of the Dollhouse. He has been with a lot of women, but has been disappointed because most women weren’t who they appeared to be. He says that the Dollhouse services might be expensive, but at least he can get the perfect woman. He chooses Echo for his date: an outdoor adventure full of white-water rafting, rock climbing, and bow shooting.

    Meanwhile, FBI Special Agent Paul Ballard arrives at the house where Echo and Sierra rescued Davina Casteillo in the previous episode. The evidence suggests that the Dollhouse was indeed involved. The other agents make fun of him; they are convinced that the girls father simply hired some men to shoot up the place and rescue Davina.

    Back on the date, Echo is being taught by Richard how to shoot a bow and arrow. He tells her that his father said if you shoot something bigger then yourself, you deserved to eat it. If you missed, it deserved to live.

    Then he tells Echo that she needs to get going, she has just enough daylight left to get to the main road. He gives her a 5 minute head start... before he starts hunting her.

    In another flashback, we see Dollhouse CEO Adelle DeWitt looking for a new handler for Echo (her last handler was killed by Alpha). Boyd Langdon is asked to join the team because he has the skills they need to keep someone like Echo safe. He requests to see the body of Samuels, Echo's dead handler. He is surprised by the way that he was killed, especially when they tell him that it only took Alpha 8 seconds.

    Paul Ballard is constantly getting teased by his coworkers about candy houses in the woods and grannies with big teeth. But then he finds an envelope on his desk with a picture of Echo in it: Echo in her previous life. On the back of the picture is written ´Caroline.´

    While watching over Echo, Langdon has some technical difficulties and he can´t tell she is in trouble. When a cop car pulls up to the van, Langdon and the driver say they are journalists who lost their way and are trying to find the right direction. Suddenly, the cop shoots the driver and forces Langdon into the back of the van. Topher, who has no idea that Langdon is being held at gunpoint, tells Langdon that Echo is definitely in trouble: her vital signs are all over the place. A struggle ensues and Topher informs Adelle that there is a 'situation.'

    Back to the flashbacks... Boyd Langdon takes the job and Echo’s brain is imprinted with a memory of him. So that the bond is complete, he takes her hand reads a script while she gets finishes her 'treatment.'

    Back to present day, Echo finds a cabin in the woods and tries to contact someone for help, only to find the cop dead. She finds some water to drink, but then discovers it is laced with an hallucinogen. She sees herself, or at least the woman she used to be. She sees the dead bodies and Alpha standing with knife in a corner of the bathroom.

    Langdon finds Echo and they try to escape, but he gets shot with an arrow and is losing a lot of blood. He hands Echo a gun, she swears that she will kill Richard and Langdon says she is a fast learner.

    Finally, Richard and Echo stand face to face. Richard with the bow and arrow and Echo with the gun. Richard tries to convince her to call it a draw and leave it at that. Echo doesn’t fall for it. They decide to lower their weapons on the count of three, but both of them shoot. A struggle ensues and Richard, who is of course bigger and stronger, is soon on top. The tables turn when Echo grabs an arrow lying on the ground nearby. and slams it into Richard's throat.

    Back at the Dollhouse, Echo’s memory is erased. Langdon is called into the office of Dr. Saunders. The body of the cop has been brought back to the dollhouse. Langdon claims that when he escaped, the cop was still alive. Saunders doesn't think Langdon killed the cop... he was cut with a ten inch serrated blade in an almost surgical way. In the same way Alpha killed all those people.

    Adelle DeWitt finds out that Richard Connell doesn’t exist. His whole life has been fabricated to specifically lure Echo into the woods. Whatever is going on, it has something to do with Echo. And things get even stranger when we see Echo slams her fist to her shoulder as the head of security walks away. This gesture is the same one Richard made in the woods... a gesture she shouldn’t remember since her memories have been erased.

    I am so looking forward to the next episode, I really like this show. It has potential, but the storyline has to stay interesting and that is something only time can tell. Well see where this show will take us. But to me, the use of the flashbacks to explain some things makes it interesting.

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