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Chuck - Recap & Review - Chuck vs. The Suburbs

Chuck vs. The Suburbs

Original Air Date: Feb 16, 2009

Jeff L - TwoCents Senior Staff Writer

It's a very special Valentine's Day show but there are few developments on the love-front for Chuck and Sarah. Cupid has been flying all over the Spy More and shooting almost everyone else with his little arrows however. Well, everyone except Big Mike's wife, who filed for divorce the day before the most romantic of all days.

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  1. It's a very special Valentine's Day show but there are few developments on the love-front for Chuck and Sarah. Cupid has been flying all over the Spy More and shooting almost everyone else with his little arrows however. Well, everyone except Big Mike's wife, who filed for divorce the day before the most romantic of all days.

    Chuck and Sarah, still in the throes of the Sarah-shot-an-unarmed-guy-while-Chuck-secretly-watched drama, decide to give their boyfriend/girlfriend cover identity thing the night off, even though it's Valentine's Day. That lasts all of about five seconds though because Morgan wants to hear all about what the two lovebirds have planned.

    Buster shows up, with a fancy new hairpiece and a big container full of cupcakes. Food is usually a great weapon in the battle between the Spy More slackers and upper management (i.e. Big Mike), but not today. Mike takes one of Buster's cupcakes and sends it flying into the trashcan before admonishing the staff to get to work. Chuck gets the lowdown from Big Mike about the pending divorce and Mike's decision to immerse himself in his job to stave off the pain of his heartbreak. Big Mike taking his job seriously can't be good for ANYONE at the Spy More.

    Later, Chuck and Sarah spend a boring evening ignoring each other and not talking about the elephant in the room. Sarah asks Chuck if they were having the worse Valentine's Day ever and there's a funny dissolve to Casey sitting alone in his apartment with a bottle of wine -- speaking of worst V-Day ever! Chuck does finally come clean about seeing Sarah kill that guy, but their conversation doesn’t resolve anything between them.

    General Grandma calls Casey and assigns him plant Chuck and Sarah in a suburban neighborhood where a former agent was working to uncover a terrorist sleeper cell, until he went crazy and was unable to complete the mission.

    The next day, Chuck tells Ellie that he is going to be house-sitting with Sarah for a week and that it'll be nice practice for when they are married. At the house, the government has set up a country-club-normal house for the "married" Chuck and Sarah, complete with cable guy Casey who's "installing the cable" while Sarah and Chuck have their welcome to the neighborhood barbecue This looks like a fun cul-de-sac with Andy Richter and Jenny McCarthy among the wacky neighbors.

    Back at the Spy More, the gang can't take Big Mike's new post-divorce work ethic so they decide the only thing they can do is get him back up on the dating horse. They post an online personal ad for him and although he's reluctant at first, Big Mike eventually goes along with the plan. He spots a potential date on the website, but she's covering her face in her profile picture. Big Mike decides that she's the best candidate with whom he can get his feet wet with the whole online dating thing.

    Over in suburbia, Casey finds a Fulcrum bug at the welcome party and Chuck flashes on it. He also gets hit on it a big way by the married but her husband is "out of town" a lot Jenny McCarthy. The next morning, Chuck finds Sarah cooking breakfast and thinks she must be doing it because of the bug they found planted, but she's not. The place was swept clean by Casey. She's just doing it to try the whole "normal" life. She's also given Chuck a shopping list of things to pick up on his way home from work and a goodbye kiss.

    Once Chuck gets to work, he shows Casey the shopping list and Casey grabs it and reveals the hidden message that Sarah sent on the back. Casey has found out that it was Jenny McCarthy's husband who is the Fulcrum agent and the one who probably planted the bug. He convinces Chuck to exploit the attraction Jenny showed for him at the barbecue and to try to get a flash on the guy's computer while he's seducing her. At her house, Jenny handcuffs Chuck to the bed and he begs for something to drink so he can try to get a look at her husband’s computer. Once she leaves the room, Casey radios Chuck with instructions on how to break his thumb in order to escape from the cuffs. Chuck's not having it though and he uses his wiles to finagle the key off the nightstand.

    In the next room, he finds the computer and in an attempt to guess the encryption password, accidentally sets off a Fulcrum version of the Intersect that data-zaps him, hard, and leaves him unconscious on the floor. Across the street, Sarah spots Jenny's husband racing home and she tries to warn Chuck. Chuck wakes up just in the nick of time and escapes through a second story window. Inside, Jenny McCarthy and her husband see that Chuck set off the Fulcrum test pattern on the computer and that he had survived and had enough sense to escape, unlike the other agent they tried it on, who lost his mind. So Fulcrum knows that Chuck can survive an Evil-Intersect download -- that can't be good news.

    General Grandma wants Chuck pulled from the mission until the nature of the Fulcrum information he's downloaded can be determined. She thinks he might have been programmed to become a Fulcrum agent and says that Chuck and Sarah's cover identities are going to get "divorced."

    Back at Spy More, Big Mike is having second thoughts about his foray into the world of online dating. He's bluffed up a resume to make himself sound more important but he's wondering if he would be starting off on the wrong foot by lying in his first date in years. Chuck is the good angel on his shoulder telling him to be honest, but everyone else wants him to lie. Chuck puts some stuff in his locker and all of a sudden he flashes and realizes not just Jenny McCarthy and her husband are Fulcrum agents -- the entire neighborhood is a Fulcrum sleeper cell. He calls Sarah to warn her and Sarah tries Casey, but Casey is unconscious thanks to Andy Richter and his Fulcrum-stun-gun. Sarah heads for the door to make her retreat but is greeted by a neighbor/Fulcrum agent baring brownies. When she turns to run, Jenny McCarthy is already behind her with a gun. Chuck shows up and, of course, is apprehended within moments and brought to the underground Fulcrum lair.

    Chuck is strapped to the chair and Andy Richter and Jenny McCarthy have some plans for him. They know he's a government agent and they know he has the capacity to absorb the information they want to download into their Evil-Intersect. That's what got Chuck in this whole mess to begin with, Bryce Larkin found out the same thing about Chuck's amazing brain and knew he would be a perfect candidate to download the Intersect before it could fall into Fulcrums hands.

    Casey is handcuffed, but we know a little pair of handcuffs and a couple of thumb bones don't mean a thing to the super agent. He's soon freed and is able to sneak away while the neighborhood Fulcrum yuppies all go Clockwork Orange on Chuck. They strap him down and force his eyes open and begin the procedure. Chuck passes out, but wakes up and tells the neighbors that he's now aware that the facility they are using was designed to store the intersect once Fulcrum obtained it. The neighbors want to run the same test on Sarah, but Chuck knows that it will either kill her or drive her insane. Chuck wants to say goodbye to her before they run the test. He gives Casey the signal and then grabs Sarah and tells her to close her eyes. Casey sets off the machine with everyone but him in the room. Chuck is able to protect Sarah, but the rest of the Fulcrum agents aren't so lucky and all their brains get microwaved.

    During the debriefing, General Grandma tells the gang Fulcrum was building it's own Intersect and that Chuck is now ever MORE valuable an asset since he's downloaded whatever data Fulcrum had stored for their Evil-Intersect. Later, Chuck and Sarah are clearing out of the Fulcrum house, and Chuck thinks they should stay awhile, since the neighborhood is safe and Sarah was enjoying the suburban country club normal life. But Sarah says it was all just a cover and she asks Chuck to return the fake wedding ring he's been wearing.

    Meanwhile at the Spy More, Big Mike is back on his game. He's strutting around and all pumped up from his big date. He tells the Herd and the Green Shirts that he's invited the lovely woman he spent the night with to come to the Buy More so he can come clean about who he really is, since he was posing as an astronaut or airline pilot or some other such nonsense. A lovely older lady enters the store and strides up to Big Mike. She's ready to apologize to him for lying about not having any children. It turns out she has a son and she thinks Big Mike had her come to the Buy More because he found out that was where her son works. Big Mike looks around the room, hoping against hope that it's not, but of course, it is: Morgan. Morgan is her son. Welcome to the family, Big Mike!

    Chuck returns home and Ellie asks how the trial marriage went. Not good, according to Chuck. He doesn't think his relationship with Sarah will ever move forward or turn into something bigger. He tells Ellie that he's OK with that. However, across town, Sarah takes a longing look at her fake wedding ring and decides to keep wearing it at least for a little while.

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