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American Idol - Recap & Review - Top 36: Group 1 Results

American Idol
Top 36: Group 1 Results

Original Air Date: Feb 18, 2009

PMB - Associate Staff Writer

Anoop—you were robbed!!!

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  1. Anoop—you were robbed!!!

    After a record-setting 24 million votes, last night’s eliminations were playing just as everyone expected. First we saw Jackie Tohn go. Then Ricky Braddy (who looked like he might be a real contender). Stevie Wright, Stephen Fowler, Brent Keith and Anne Marie Boscovich were all shoe-ins to leave.

    Fairly early on, Alexis Grace — who soared above the women Tuesday night — easily took one of the three silver stools for contestants moving on.

    Carly Carlson got to hear once more what a poor job she did from the judges. And, as Ryan likes to say with a long pause, America agreed.

    Then they had Michael Sarver and Anoop Desai come up together and Ryan says one would be going on. If you’ve been watching the online polls, Anoop is running a second in popularity to Danny Gokey – by a huge margin. So I thought this would be a no-brainer. Wrong.

    Sarver the country dude, AKA the Oil Rig Guy, was going on. In fact, the two were separated by 20,000 votes (which they seem to imply was not much, but no matter how much I speed dialed, I wasn’t going to make a dent in that number). I’m just hoping that Anoop will get the wild card and we’ll get to hear his fabulous voice once more…

    So that led to a slightly tenser showdown between Tatiana del Torro (queen of drama queens) and Danny Gokey (who looked invincible up to this moment). Whew! America chose Gokey. And while Tatiana did fall apart, she didn’t totally collapse. Please judges, let her time on this show be done – don’t give her a wild card (even though the producers would love you to do so—she does make interesting television).

    So there you have three of the final 12: Gokey, Grace and Sarver.

    Weren’t Carly Smithson and Michaels John hot singing “The Letter” together (the song they performed at last year’s finale)? If only they had turned in performances like that when competing!

    And I love that the survivors are the ones who get to re-sing their songs now. There’s nothing worse that: “You were so terrible last night, so let’s hear that terrible song again!” But now let’s get rid of the awkward group numbers!

    So do you think America got it right? Did Sarver get the third spot because he sang country? Is there any one else you’ll miss? Are you excited for the next week’s group of 12 to perform?

  2. I totally agree with the whole "winner singing" thing. I always thought it was weird to say "You're going home now... how do you feel about that. OK, stop crying, you have to sing now. Good luck with that!"

    And I loved how the camera kept trying to find Tatiana after Danny beat her out... priceless. Please, please, please don't give her a wild card!

  3. Adios, Tatiana Del Toro you crazy Bi...

  4. I am so, so glad that the winners sing now.

    I was kind of on the fence aout Tatiana. It was pretty much going to be hilarious either way: On the one hand, her breaking down and crying and seemingly waiting to get all dramatic until the cameras were on her was hilarious. On the other hand, she's so bat sh** crazy, it would have been hilarious to watch her slowly melt down week after week.

    I think this makes me a terrible person, lol.


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