Wednesday, February 11, 2009

American Idol - Recap & Review - Hollywood Week Part 2

American Idol
Hollywood Week Part 2

Original Air Date: Feb 10, 2009

PMB - TwoCents Reviewer

Has an American Idol contestant ever been hated more than Tatiana Del Toro? So whiney, obviously full of herself and possibly clinically crazy.

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  1. Has an American Idol contestant ever been hated more than Tatiana Del Toro? So whiny, obviously full of herself and possibly clinically crazy.

    Last week the producers spent 20 minutes of show on how she imploded a quartet of singers in the group auditions. This week she bragged about how well she did, but when the producers put her in one room, then switched her to another just so we could see her meltdown, we had to listen to her begging when the judges come in. No wonder she thinks the world revolves around her — the producers are making her fantasy come true.

    I predict if she makes the top 36 (God forbid), she’ll be the first voted off. Or that honor might go to clown Nick Mitchell (AKA Norman Gentle), who has consistently taken a spot away from a real singer. Really, AI, these two are going to ruin any chance that viewers will take this competition seriously.

    With all that airtime centered on these two untalented performers (OK, Tatiana can sing, but she’s never going to win), the producers did manage to show us more singing in an hour than any other time this season (except for Michael Castro, who was eliminated, but not shown singing).

    I thoroughly enjoyed the 29 out of 72 singers I did get to see perform. A lot of favorites went through: Danny Gokey and his pal Jamar Rogers, Adam Lambert, Anoop Desai and Anoop Desai, Stevie Wright, Jasmine Murray and Jackie Tohn. Lil Rounds also got through, though I’m not a fan. So did the husky-voiced Mishavonna Henson, who appeared on camera for the first time in the competition and she’s a delight to hear.

    Stephen Fowler, who really impressed me last week, forgot his lyrics and left the stage. Luckily, the judges forgave him, as well as fellow lyric dropper Joanna Pacitti. But it was goodbye to favorites Leneshe Young and Kaylan Loyd (who chewed gum during her solo) as well as the rapping India Morrison.

    By my calculations, they’ve only cut 17 of the 72, so tonight 19 more have to go. I’m afraid what with the ominous elevator ride and walk to face the judges, we probably wouldn’t get much singing.

    Are you feeling as if there are a lot of faces we haven’t seen yet? Are there any favorites that you’d rather see go home? And who do you think the judges will make cry tonight?

    PS For those who wondered why David Osmond got cut so early — he got laryngitis and croaked through his group number. Sad, as he had an interesting voice.

  2. Tatiana is killing me! Watching her freak out when the judges went into her room made me scream "You are not the only person this will effect! Shut up and go home! Geeze!" Then I felt better.


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