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24 - Recap & Review - Day 7 - 5:00 PM-6:00 PM

Day 7 - 5:00 PM-6:00 PM

Original Air Date: Feb 23, 2009

Jeff P. – Sr. Staff Writer

Last week’s episode revealed to us that Sean was at least one of the traitors and leak in the FBI. Within the first minute, we discover that his mistress Erika is in on it with him. So Sean is a traitor and a cheater. What a swell guy.

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  1. Last week’s episode revealed to us that Sean was at least one of the traitors and leak in the FBI. Within the first minute, we discover that his mistress Erika is in on it with him. So Sean is a traitor and a cheater. What a swell guy.


    Dubaku pulls Marika out of the car and immediately confronts her with the fact that he knows what’s she’s been doing. He offers her forgiveness and asks her to come with him despite the fact that she betrayed him. She reluctantly agrees to go. Chloe finds where Dubaku took her and is tracing their location for Jack and Renee, who have been freed by the police. After driving THROUGH a park, they catch up to Dubaku’s vehicle and a chase starts. Dubaku shakes them and when Marika realizes this she reaches over and scratches at the driver’s face. The vehicle swerves and does a full flip in the middle of the street and now Jack and Renee are pursuing them on foot. They shoot the driver and Jack pulls Dubaku (who seems to be unconscious) out of the vehicle that is now on fire. Renee has trouble getting Marika out of her seat and won’t leave until she helps her. Jack goes over to help and they get Marika out just in time before the vehicle explodes.


    President Taylor is grieving over Henry and regrets her not believing in his theory of Roger not killing himself. Bill gives her the news on Dubaku and recommends that she go back to the White House, which is the safest place for her. At the site, Jack has the EMT’s revive Dubaku and he threatens his family if he doesn’t give him the names of the traitors in the government. Dubaku asks Jack to not hurt his family and tells him the list is on him and goes unconscious again. The EMT’s discover what they think is a plate inside Dubaku, but Jack cuts it out of him and it’s a disc that has the list of the traitors. The list wasn’t ON him it was IN him! Jack gives it to a helicopter pilot and tells him to give it to Larry and Larry only, but Sean overhears their conversation. Sean finds Erika and tells her the news. He thinks the best way to hide their names from the FBI is to crash the entire system.


    Renee is mourning in the hospital because Marika didn’t live from the crash. Jack tells her that she’ll learn to have to live with it. Meanwhile, Larry hands the disc over to Chloe who tells him that it has an auto-erase feature, and they will only have one download. Erika and Sean are in the mainframe room looking to kill the system. Erika succeeds in doing it just when Chloe and Larry realize what’s happening. Sean starts to kiss Erika after she does the job, then shoots her right afterward. Then he shoots himself in the arm. When Larry and Chloe come crashing in, he tells them that he was following her and discovered her crashing the system. Chloe confirms that all of the data from Dubaku is lost.


    Larry tells Sean what has been happening and apologizes to him for not trusting him. Then he gets a call from Chloe and she tells him that she was able to recover the files after all. Sean starts to leave the building in a rush but agents stop him in time. Larry asks for answers but Sean wants to talk to his attorney. At the hospital Renee tells Rosa that her sister was killed in the crash. Rosa does not take it well of course. In an emotional moment, Renee challenges Jack on the decision of using Marika and asks him if he feels any pain. He tells her again that she’ll learn to live with it. She tells him that she doesn’t want to have to live with it, and he suggests that she should quit.


    President Taylor finally sees Olivia and gives her the update on Henry. She tells her that she’s not to leave the White House for her own safety. Bill meets up with her and tells her that the disc was recovered and that all of the names of the traitors are secured. Then he asks her if she’d put in a word to Senator Mayer for Jack. He feels that Jack has proven himself to his country again. She tells him that she’d think about it. Elsewhere, Jack is sitting on some stairs across from the mall looking at the Washington Monument, when Tony sits next to him. Tony tells him that this isn’t over yet and that there is another attack planned for Washington DC. His source from his days with Emerson tells him that a man named Burnett is the head of the project. Burnett is Senator Mayer’s right hand man and supposedly Mayer is not involved in the conspiracy. Just then we go to Burnett and we realize that he’s the guy that was talking to Sean and Dubaku! Senator Mayer calls Burnett into his office and tells him that President Taylor wants to speak to him about Bauer and wants him to attend. When he goes for his jacket, he gets a text message that reads: “Units in place. Operation on schedule.”

    Uh oh.

    Well, I loved this episode. In any episode from a season of 24 it’s customary to want the bad guy to be caught, but you know you will have to wait. You want the mole to be found out, but you know you will have to wait for that too. In some cases you had to wait all season for these things to happen. I truly enjoyed seeing that cheating, traitorous stinky-pants Sean getting busted. And seeing Dubaku get caught was great too. I know that there is plenty left in the day to go, but it feels rewarding to see some of the first storylines close up nicely. I also liked the exchange between Jack and Renee. You see how deep Jack’s emotions are buried away now after losing Terri and Audrey and having an estranged relationship with Kim. Renee is seeing what kind of person it takes to be able to serve the U.S. as Jack does and she doesn’t like it.

    I may have said it before, but this time I MEAN it. This is my favorite episode of the season so far. What do you think about all of this? We have 14 hours to go so you’ll have plenty of time to leave your two cents.


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