Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Idol Premieres Tonight!

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It’s just a few hours before the eighth season of a little-known TV show called American Idol starts back up. And in case you’re of a mind to marry this show once again, here’s a look at what the bride is wearing this year —

SOMETHING NEW: That would be adding a fourth judge in songwriter Kara DioGuardi, who will be sitting between Randy and Paula. Rumor has it that she’s almost as biting as Simon, so the seat placement is probably to keep them from taking each other’s heads off.

SOME OLD: A few of the contestant’s names have a familiar ring to them. There’s Jason Castro’s brother, Michael, and David Osmond – from, well you can figure that family connection out. Also in the old category, a few contestants that will be sure to stir up controversy. That would be A&M and Geffen recording artist Joanna Pacitti as well as Lara Johnston, who has performed with daddy Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers. Johnston also appeared on MTV’s Rock the cradle. And, because it’s a tradition, there’s the eye candy of Danielle Roundtree, who was Miss USA 2008.

SOMETHING BORROWED: The Wild Card round is back!

Don’t know about you, but the audition rounds can be exciting when you spot someone with real potential. But I plan to DVR it so I can fast track through all the train wrecks this show seems on a mission to push in our faces — and our ears. Ouch! That’s when we get to SOMETHING BLUE coming out of my mouth…

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