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Survivor – Recap & Review – “Say Goodbye to Gabon”

Survivor: Gabon
Say Goodbye to Gabon

Original Air Date: 14 Dec 2008

Rachel – Two Cents Associate Editor

After 39 days, even I’m suffering from Survivor fatigue. The cure? Season finale, baby (even though it’ll be a 3-hour tour). Come on, people! Lets make sure someone that actually deserves to win, wins!

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  1. After 39 days, even I’m suffering from Survivor fatigue. The cure? Season finale, baby (even though it’ll be a 3-hour tour). Come on, people! Lets make sure someone that actually deserves to win, wins!

    The Top 5 Things I Learned on Survivor: Gabon – Part I

    Matty Is in no danger, but he is a crucial vote. He wants to go to the end with Ken because he knows he can will the million against the gamer. Will it work?

    Susie Paranoia can get the best of players in this game, and Susie has the right to be paranoid at this point. She has ridden coattails the entire game, and she admitted it. She talked about how her strategy was to not make a move until someone came and talked to her and told her what to do. If she makes it to the Finals and I were on the Jury, she would not get my vote. Maybe for Best Lackey, or something.

    Sugar Bless her heart, I love her! She scrambled a bit in this leg of the race because she is sticking to the idea that the best person should win, even if that is not her. And who are these best people? Matty and Bob. A Final with those two will confirm to her that all is right in the world.

    Bob Is there anything this guy can’t do? He won Immunity again, tying the record for most wins in a row by an individual in Survivor history. But the best thing he did? He called Kenny out at Tribal Council when questioned about not giving up the Immunity Idol last week – because Kenny was planning to blindside him. “I thought it was ‘If you help me, I’ll help you’ not ‘If you help me, I’ll stab you in the back.’” Way to go, Bob!

    Ken Finally, the guy who thought he was the puppet master is silenced (well, until the Final Tribal Council, that is). And then there were four.

    The Top 4 Things I Learned on Survivor: Gabon – Part II

    Susie Shocker of all shockers – Susie wins Immunity. What? Yeah. I guess Sugars ideal Final Three is blown. This is gonna be a toughie.

    Bob Everyone knows that if Bob goes to the final, he’ll win. And in that, he is the biggest threat. Without Immunity protecting him this time, he knows he’ll be next to go. Unless... what if it’s a tie. Sugar brings this idea up and what does Bob do? He goes out into the jungle to practice his fire-building skills in case it goes to a tie-breaker at Tribal.

    Sugar Man, I feel for her. She has to vote for either Matty or Bob; either her brother figure or her father figure. After a lot of tears at Tribal (surprise, surprise) she decides to leave it up to fate to decide and throws it into a tie-breaker situation. I think I would have done the same thing were I in her place. Her biggest regret? That they didn’t vote out Susie at the last Tribal Council – because there she sits with Individual Immunity. Yuck.

    Matty Thinking the Final Three was in the bag, he was surprised that it came down to a tie and I think that flustered him a bit. He was no match to Bob’s survival skills and was the last person voted off. Now, it’s in the hands of the jury. Yikes.

    The Top 5 Things I Learned on Survivor: Gabon – Part III

    5. The jury is full of a bunch of bitter, disgruntled players. It’s a GAME, people!

    4. Randy is absolutely crazy. He is a mean old hermit with no social skills. When he asked Sugar why she was so horrible to him in his last Tribal Council, she said that he was a jerk the entire game and that she didn’t even want his vote. Good for you, Sugar! And, seriously, let the cookie incident go, for goodness sake!

    3. Corinne is possibly the most horrific person to ever grace reality TV, which is saying a lot considering the likes of Omarosa. At the Final Tribal Council, she belittled Sugars dead father. Are you kidding me? You, my dear, are a disgusting person. Jeff Probst agrees with me. And the audience of the Reunion, too. They actually booed her every time she talked. Hooray, people of Los Angeles! I’m right there with ya!

    2. Bob was even more sneaky than I thought when making those fake Immunity Idols. Jeff asked how he did it because “we don’t give you guys anything” to which Bob responded “I take stuff.” From beads off the tribe flags to cord tied around clues on Exiles Island, Bob is the man.

    1. Finally, thankfully, someone won this game who actually deserved to, not because he/she got rid of the threats early in the game. And this person also won the $100,000 for Player of the Season as voted on by the public. Drumroll, please...

    Congratulations, Bob! A 57-year-old physics teacher from Maine who has a final to give to his students tomorrow. Yes, they still have to take the test even though he won!

    What do YOU think? Did the right person win? Give us your Two Cents… We won’t give it to Bob, ‘cause he’s loaded now!

    Next season: Survivor: Tocantins. It’s in Brazil, duh. See you then!

  2. I thought the right person won the game. Bob really deserved it.

    I did like that Sugar got no votes. I'm sorry, Rachel, I know you liked her but she annoyed the crap out of me. If I'd had the remote in my hand I'd have muted it every time it started raining on her face. That said, I would NEVER have been as hateful to her as Corinne was.

    Corinne, hoo boy. I thought Jerri Manthey was going down as the all time queen b---h on this show, but Corinne's got her beat. I can't believe how proud she is of her sorry attitude. Nice people are boring, she says. Well, you know what, hateful people are just a pain in the butt. I mean, the least she could have done on the reunion show was apologized to Sugar about the dead dad comment. But no, then she would be "boring". And when she told Bob to trash talk Susie and Sugar at the final vote, I couldn't believe he did it. I wouldn't have. She's a horrible, horrible person. If I were her mother, I would turn her over my knee.

  3. Shannon - Amen to your comments about Corinne. She is just so horrific - AND proud of it! It's hard to believe that people like that even exist, ya know? Disgusting.

    And no worries about Sugar. I agree with you that she milked the tears way too much. It was interesting what the other players had to say about that - about things we didn't see. I'm not surprised she didn't get any votes, either. But, yes, I still loved her. And she looked so dang cute at the reunion show! :)

  4. I stand by my earlier comment about Corinne being the biggest witch (with a capital B) in Survivor history. I have never actually gotten ANGRY at a Survivor before her. She needs to drop off the face of the earth. I seriously hope that last night was the end of her 15 minutes.

  5. Sugar is beautiful. I can see why she's a pinup model. She definitely has old-school glam down to a science! My husband was drooling a bit when she was on the reunion show. Oh, who am I kidding, I was drooling too! :)

    Word, Jeff. I don't ever want to see/hear from Corinne again.

  6. 1. Amen to Jeff.
    2. My husband was drooling a bit, too!

  7. My husband was drooling too. Oh wait, I don't have a husband. That must have been me drooling over Sugar -- all season.


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