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Survivor – Recap & Review – "The Good Guys Should Win in the End"

Survivor: Gabon
The Good Guys Should Win in the End

Original Air Date: 11 Dec 2008

Rachel – Two Cents Associate Editor

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave..." Finally, an episode where those who lie, connive, and deceive get their comeuppance (through some lying, conniving deception). And finally, a Top 5 in which I like the majority!

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  1. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave...” Finally, an episode where those who lie, connive, and deceive get their comeuppance (through lying, conniving deception). And finally, a Top 5 in which I like the majority!

    The Top 6 Things I Learned on Survivor: Gabon

    Susie Fly under the radar much? Susie, who really does nothing, was sent to Exile Island. That’s about it. I really can’t abide those who ride on coattails. I hope they cut this dead weight soon, but probably not. She just does what everyone tells her to, and that kind of pawn is good to have around.

    Matty Matty can’t stand Crystal and Ken because they don’t do anything except lie. I’m with him on that one, for sure. And because of this, he was next on the copping block. But Matty’s best move in tonight’s episode? Just sitting back and letting Crystal and Ken walk all over him. It was because of that, Sugar jumped to his side. “Why do they need to kick him when he’s down?!?”

    Sugar The thing I like about Sugar is she is playing the game but applying real-world consequences. The social part of this game is key and her heart is really in the right place: “I want to be aligned with the good guys.” Disgusted with the way Crystal and Ken were treating Matty, she conceived a GREAT blindside, giving Matty the Hidden Immunity Idol. Funny thing is, he didn’t need it. The others saw through the Evil Wonder Twins Crystal and Ken. Finally.

    Bob Feeling bad that he completely demolished Ken’s strategy last week, Bob offered to give Ken the Immunity Idol if he won it and if he thought Ken needed it. Well, he won the Reward Challenge (a trip to a gorilla sanctuary) and Immunity (that’s 4 in a row for those keeping count). Kenny conspired to take Immunity and then turn around and vote off Bob. Bad move! Not only did Bob keep Immunity, the other target, Matty got the hidden idol from Sugar. By the way – Bob is AWESOME!

    Ken What a weasel. He thinks he is in control of the game, even calling himself the mastermind. Yuck. Well, news flash, Kenny: You just got schooled! The tightest alliance in the game just got cut in half and everyone in the game (except Crystal, of course) thinks you are simply awful. The only hope Ken has of getting to the finals is if someone realizes that taking him there will guarantee a win. Anyone up against Ken in the finals will get almost every single vote from the jury.

    Crystal Crystal had a great plan: air all of her dirty laundry with Matty so the others will vote him out. Talk about a plan blowing up in her face! Then she and Tweedle Dumb decide to play on Bob’s heartstrings and blindside him. Are you kidding me? Too cocky and too mean, she has underperformed this entire game and the other players finally took the reins back and voted her out. And to those other players, a heartfelt “Thank you!”

    What do YOU think? How cool were those gorillas? Did the right person get voted out? Who do you want to win? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll buy chips and dip for the two-hour finale party Sunday night! Don’t forget to tune in!

  2. Bob really needs to win this game. Everyone likes him and he's played so hard. I get tickled when an older person wins the game. It's just naturally assumed that a young person will dominate the physical challenges so to see a 57 year old teacher win 4 immunities in a row is just stellar.

    Also, Sugar annoys the bejeebus out of me. I'm sure she's a very nice person but if I have to listen to her cry and whimper one more time...

  3. I would love for "Bob the Science Guy" to win, too. But I wouldn't mind if either Matty or Sugar won, either (She doesn't bug me as much - and I think the tears, even though they are real, are quite a strategy in the game!).

    I think this is the first time, going into the Final Five, that I'm really OK with the majority of the people winning! Yay! Just as long as it's not Ken whom annoys the bejeebus out of ME, or Susie who doesn't do anything!

  4. Yeah, I'm sure Sugar does use her tears as a strategic maneuver, but I hate when people do that. It ticks me off.

    Ken is a douche. I hope they cut him out first. Susie next.

  5. I like Kenny. I like Bob more, but Kenny is playing a great game so far. I wasn't sad to see Crystal go. She didn't live up to being her "Olympic gold medalist" self in ANY challenge. Is it just me or does Bob look like he could be Jeff Probst's dad?

  6. Ha! Probst's dad. That's awesome!

    But I don't agree with you on the whole Kenny thing. He's playing the game, yes, but is it a GOOD game? He seems to think he is a puppet master of some sort yet is always paranoid and often looks like a deer caught in headlights. Maybe it's all part of his strategy, I don't know. But, man, he annoys me! Sorry, Jeff! :)


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