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House - Recap & Review - Let Them Eat Cake

Let Them Eat Cake

Original Airdate: 2 Dec 2008

Shannon – Two Cents Staff Writer

A really annoying fitness trainer is filming a crappy infomercial when she passes out and falls down about 5 sets of bleachers. Cuddy and House dance around each other again this week with no real conclusion when Cuddy moves into House’s office. Hadley participates in the Huntington’s trial but doesn’t like hanging around with all those people who have the disease.

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  1. A really annoying fitness trainer is filming a crappy infomercial when she passes out and falls down about 5 sets of bleachers. Cuddy and House dance around each other again this week with no real conclusion when Cuddy moves into House’s office. Hadley participates in the Huntington’s trial but doesn’t like hanging around with all those people who have the disease.

    So this week our patient is a 30 year old fitness trainer I’m going to call “Granola” (I didn’t catch her name) who motivates really fat people to run up and down bleachers for an infomercial for her latest DVD. She’s really smarmy and super annoying and while she’s giving some really condescending advice to one of her obese clients, she passes out and falls down the bleachers, breaking her ankle. I mean, she kind of deserves it, right? She was filming an infomercial, for pete’s sake. I think that deserves some sort of bodily harm.

    As you’ll remember from last week, Cuddy’s office was trashed thanks to Jason the sicko gunman. Cuddy takes it upon herself to move into House’s office because she blames him for the destruction of hers. House is pissed about this and calls Cuddy a harpy, which she kind of is. How is a guy breaking into the hospital and holding hostages at gunpoint House’s fault. If anything, it’s Cuddy’s fault for hiring sub-par security. Harpy.

    Hadley is participating in the Huntington’s clinical trials and sees people who actually HAVE Huntington’s. What?! Who knew that’d happen! Foreman runs tests but Hadley can’t stop talking long enough to get it right. Oh, and her nerves are degenerating. And she doesn’t like looking at people with Huntington’s. Ugh.

    Kutner set up an online clinic for second opinions in House’s name and Taub blackmails him for 30% of the profit not to tell House. Why in the world would Kutner tell anyone about that? The patient that Kutner and Taub are dealing with on the internet clinic shows up looking for House. K and T deflect and then she ends up in the ER freaking out and singing that song about the lime and putting it the coconut. Cameron and Chase get in on the case and when the girl gets worse, they demand that Kutner and Taub call House in on it.

    Oh hey, guess what! Granola is a cheating cheater who cheats! She had gastric bypass surgery. Taub is all judgy judgmental on her and she explains that she’s never told anyone not to get weight loss surgery. She helps them get healthy, so claimed. Taub still thinks she’s a fraud.

    Hadley isn’t showing up for her Huntington’s clinical trials because she thinks she’s not worthy. Foreman ain’t having it and lays down the law and tells her if she’s not on time, she’s out. When she complains about having to see the other Huntington’s patients, Foreman tells her to suck it up and get to know them because she’s stuck with them. Hadley confesses that it’s not that she doesn’t want to see what she’ll become, it’s that they remind her of her past. Hadley confesses to hating her mother and all the Huntington’s patients remind her that her mother died with Hadley hating her.

    House and Cuddy trash each other’s offices and generally act like big babies while dancing around the fact that they totally want to do each other. I wish they’d just get on with it because this is annoying. They have a moment where they almost kiss again, but House kills it. On purpose, I imagine, like he always does because he’s a friggin ‘fraidy cat.

    So, Granola’s body doesn’t make an enzyme she needs but the cure is for her to be fat again. They have to reverse the bypass and put her on a high carb/high glucose diet. She asks for alternatives and Taub tells her there’s a pill she can take but it’s not a cure. She wants the pill because she’d rather be sick and thin than fat and healthy. That is just sad.

    During all this, Kutner and Taub’s patient dies. Uh oh. House finds out about the online clinic somehow and the girl that was sick…well, she’s just a hooker who can act. House hired her and got Cameron and Chase to go along with it to teach Kutner and Taub a lesson and also to get some extra cash. House now wants a cut of the website profits to use his name.

    Do you want to see House and Cuddy just get together already? Did you think House’s trick on stupid Kutner was as awesome as I did? Were you at all offended by the fat jokes in this episode? Leave a comment!

  2. yes, totally offended!

  3. Care to share, Anonymous? Was there any one thing that offended you personally?

  4. Shannon, I think we watched different episodes last night! I walked away with a TOTALLY different view of the episode.

    (Placing my hatred of excersize infomercials aside for a moment) I did like that the girl made the point of saying "Maybe if I'm huffing & puffing & sweating too, I won't come off like such a pain" (Paraphrasing) She did come off as caring about her fluffy friends. It didn't seem like she was a skinny chick in it just to torture the less physically fortunate.

    Cuddy wants attention, House wants attention & they are both acting like 4th graders. Get a room & get it on already ~ did he really have to grab her boob as "the next logical step"?! Even for him, that was immature. The desk at the end - NICE move ... knew he was going to screw it up though.

    13 has a lot of guilt about how she treated her mom ~ and karma is kicking her tail at this point. I would think that the people in the trial WOULD freak her out though, who wants to be confronted with a very scary and certain future when you still feel healthy?

    I'm frustrated at the lack of storyline for Kutner ~ it was nice to see him this week, but really? Who would have the steel nerves to set up a website with your bosses name & use it to make money!?!

    It was nice to see The Blondes again as well (Chase and Cameron). Nice to see them side with House!

    Poor Wilson ... he lost his girlfriend & his reason for being on the show all in one season finale ...

    Oh ~ and the reformed fat girl wanting to stay skinny in the end ... I'm not sure what I would do. It's hard as hades to loose the weight (said the whale of a preggy girl), when you finally do, you never want to go back to the large way of life. She spent a lot of time & money on her weight loss ~ maybe she weighs out a little loss of conciousness as being worth keeping the dress size she's finally attained. Who knows.

  5. ok, so I don't know about any of you, but House is just becoming an A**. Lets face it nobody is as much of a jerk as he, and if they are, do we really want to be with him. Cuddy needs to wake up and forget about him. They show needs to let him show a more vulnerable side so we can at least somehow want to like him.

  6. Slice - It's a good possibility that I might have been in a bad mood on Tuesday night. I blame the pregnancy hormones if that's the case. There were just a few things that bothered me with the episode, mainly Taub's attitude towards Granola after he found out she had the gastric bypass surgery. As a person who is fat even when she isn't pregnant, I guess it just hit home to me that people treat fatties and even former fatties differently than they treat everyone else. Now, I recognize that he was rude to her because of her lying about the bypass as well, but in a way it just came off like he was punishing her for being formerly fat. I don't know, maybe I read too much into it.

    mojo - Honestly, the writers have never really given us all that much reason to like House ever. He does show moments of redemption but he almost always follows it up with some kind of insensitive response. I think Cuddy sees him as a challenge because she's known him for such a long time and she sees that spark of goodness in him that maybe he doesn't even know is there. Where some may see him as a lost cause, she may think there's a way to save him, but even she knows she'll have to go through Hell to do it.

    Thanks for the comments, guys!


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