Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays From Everyone at TheTwoCents!

'Twas the days around Christmas, when all through Tee Vee

Not a new show was airing, not even Big Bang Theory;

The recaps were done by the writers with care,

In hopes that readers’ comments soon would be there;

The reviewers were finished, all done for the year,

While memories of The Office and NCIS whispered in their ear;

And editors on break, and KP feeling fine,

Had just closed up the site till 2000 and 9,

Soon out on the tube come new shows galore,

Like Damages, Idol and of course 24.

Old shows return like Heroes and Betty and Fringe,

Even 90210 will return, I say with a cringe.

The exit of Gil will cause some to cry

As William Peterson will soon leave CSI,

But fear not loyal fans hoping for a heavy acting fix,

Lawrence Fishburn will be taking over, he was in the Matrix.

With writing that comes, so lively and quick,

Grey’s and The Closer can be your 2009 pick.

Some shows are gone, as quickly as they came,

And while missing some, we can call them by name;

"Bye, Valentine! Bye, Easy Money! Bye, Enemy - My Own Worst!

Bye, Dirty Sexy Money! Bye, Eli Stone! Bye, Do Not Disturb – you were the first!

To the bottom of the ratings! It was a great fall!

Now go away! go away! go away all!"

As Shatner closed the doors at the firm on Boston Legal,

Survivorman also sailed away like the flight of an Eagle,

ER leaves us soon, leaving 10pm on NBC at bay,

But the peacock isn’t worried, they just signed up Jay.

ABC feels that no matter the cost,

Viewers will soon tune in to watch the new season of Lost.

Our staff at TheTwoCents thank you for reading,

Our requests for comments, you’ve all been heeding.

So we all exclaim, as we temporarily shut down our site,

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night."

(thanks to Jeff L and Lynn for the graphics!)


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