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Gossip Girl
Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou

Original Airdate: 8 Dec 2008

Victoria - TwoCents Reviewer

Bart Bass bit the big one. Yeah, we pretty much saw that coming last week.

Chuck isn’t dealing with it well at all. That too, isn’t a surprise. The fact that Dan has been Serena’s “rock” since the accident is a surprise – especially because she is still dating Aaron. Shouldn’t he be her rock?!

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  1. Bart Bass bit the big one. Yeah, we pretty much saw that coming last week.

    Chuck isn’t dealing with it well at all. That too, isn’t a surprise. The fact that Dan has been Serena’s “rock” since the accident is a surprise – especially because she is still dating Aaron. Shouldn’t he be her rock?!

    Lily and Rufus meet for a walk and chat about how she feels guilt more than grief. Granny McDrunkerson (Serena and Eric’s grandmother/Lily’s mom) sees them and isn’t very happy. NYC is beautiful in the fall btw. Don’t ya think the park scenes were pretty?

    Speaking of beautiful, a grieving Chuck is pretty hot. Sad, but hot. Hot, grieving Chuck meets with the PI and wants to know what the dude told his dad. The PI isn’t sharing saying that he thinks Lily will pay more for the info than Chuck. Chuck, it turns out, blames Lily for his dad’s death. Guess he forgot that he’s the one who told his dad to come to the ball.

    Chuck shows up with Nate and Blair at the funeral and he’s drunk off his designer butt. He loses it when he sees Dan there and he tells Dan “My father is dead because of your father.” Dan leaves the funeral. Rufus starts acting weird when Dan tells him what Chuck said.

    Nate tries to compliment Blair about how motherly she’s being toward Chuck. The compliment makes her uncomfortable and she blows it off. It’s a cute moment between the two – way cuter than any of the moments when they were together. Friendship suits them.

    Cyrus decides he and Eleanor should be married tomorrow. Blair freaks out saying there isn’t enough time to do it right and at first Eleanor agrees but when Jenny offers to make her a dress, she changes her mind. Yeah, fashion is the only reason you should wait more than 5 seconds before marrying someone. It’s all about the dress. Lol.

    Lily tries to find out why Chuck is so bitter – because being an orphan isn’t reason enough on the Upper East Side. Chuck and Lily blame each other for Bart’s death. Lily says she wasn’t blaming Chuck but she kinda was. Chuck leaves the funeral and slams Eric who is trying to reach out to his brother.

    Then Blair chases Chuck down and it’s a beautiful moment. She says she wants to be there and that she’ll always be there – because she loves him. Yep. Waldorf says it first. And it’s a beautiful, poignant, awesome moment. I think I could hear Chuck-Blair ‘Shippers everywhere let out a unified “Squee!” Then Chuck says “that’s too bad.” and leaves without her. And the awesome moment turns awesomely awful. Damn you Chuck Bass!

    Eric’s boyfriend shows up to comfort him which is a YAY moment. I wish they would give this storyline more time. Gay teens aren’t represented enough on TV and it’s cool when they are.

    Serena and Dan have coffee and chat about how Aaron invited Serena to Buenos Aires. She wants him to say don’t go, and he wants to say it but in typical teen angst drama fashion, he doesn’t tell her not to go. When he gets home and tells Jenny what he did he realizes how stupid that that was.

    Blair confesses to Cyrus that she told Chuck she loves him and she hates herself because “only a masochist could love such a narcissist.” It’s more than a little awesome to see Blair bond with Cyrus. He’s kinda super cool. Eleanor loves it too.

    Grandma McDrunkerson tells Lily she’ll deal with the PI and whatever the heck happened with Lily in the hospital in Paris. The big question for me is did she abort Rufus’ kid or did she give it up for adoption? Cuz I’m betting it’s a kid. Thing is Grandma McDrunkerson didn’t deal with it at all. The PI gives Chuck the info.

    Dan and Jenny arrive at the wedding. Dan tells Serena how he feels and she confesses that because Rufus and Lily are in love she and Dan can’t be together. Dan isn’t buying into her rationale but she’s steadfast. Did anyone else notice the whole “I carried the garment bag” Dirty Dancing tribute (Baby on Dirty Dancing: “I carried a watermelon”) or am I the only one who is old enough to do remember that?

    Cyrus and Eleanor get hitched and it’s pretty beautiful despite the hysterical height difference.

    Chuck and Lily have it out and he shows her a pic of something/someone. Lily doesn’t get angry she just tells Chuck not to turn away from the people who love him. He seems to listen as we see him burn the stuff the PI gave him. Then he shows up in Blair’s bedroom and when she sees how broken he is, she just holds him. And he lets her and it’s another big WIN for Blair-Chuck lovers everywhere.

    CiCi (also known as Grandma McDrunkerson) tells Rufus exactly what happened with Lily and the hospital in Paris. She says she’s doing it because Rufus and Lily can’t be together with this between them but we all know CiCi doesn’t care about Lily’s happiness. Rufus meets Lily at the train station and says “Just tell me one thing, was it a boy or a girl?” Ding! Ding! It’s a kid!

    He also tells Dan he will never be with Lily so Dan calls Serena who ignores his call because Aaron announces he “thinks” he is “falling in love” with her. Really S? You’re going to ditch Mr. Right because Mr. Wrong might be falling in love? Ugh!

    Blair wakes up and finds Chuck gone. He left her a note telling her she deserves better. Talk about angst!

    It was everything a perfect Gossip Girl episode should be – best of the season so far if you ask me. So did you love this episode as much as I did? If not, why not? If yes, what were you favorite moments.? Leave your Two Cents in the comments!


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