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Eli Stone - Recap & Review - "Owner of a Lonely Heart"

Eli Stone
Owner of a Lonely Heart

Original Air Date: 16 Dec 2008

Brittany W – TwoCents Reviewer

A lot of things are happening around the law firm this week, and several of them are about to go boom. None of them in a good way.

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  1. A lot of things are happening around the law firm this week, and several of them are about to go boom. None of them in a good way.

    Our titular hero is on his third date with spoiled heiress Ashley Cardiff, and they’re all smiles and whatever. I still don’t feel the connection, but apparently they’ve gotten kicked out of a museum once. That’s an accomplishment. They go back to his place, sleep together – oh, big shocker – and then Eli has a vision again. Surprisingly, not telling him that three dates doesn’t mean true love, but the name of the future Nobel Peace Prize winner for cold fusion. Except when he finally tracks down this Jenny Clarke, she’s a sarcastic college dropout getting arrested by the FBI for terrorism. Yeah, that usually bodes well.

    Meanwhile, Taylor persuades Jordan, in a burst of amusing pregnancy-induced irritability, to let her represent him in his divorce from Ellen. This divorce is not going to be amenable by any means, as Ellen wants Jordan to continue to support her extravagant lifestyle despite the fact that he doesn’t have that kind of money. She really comes off like a spoiled little rich kid, and Taylor wants to slap her around a bit. Matt (awww, Matt) convinces her that this is still her stepmother and she might want to chill out.

    And Nate (awww, Nate) and Beth are moving into a new place together. It seems like everyone is getting what they want – which, in TV-Land, means something has to go wrong. Or, several somethings.

    Maggie finds out that Ashley is dating Eli, and tries to hide her jealousy while calling Eli “special,” which Ashley takes the wrong way, while telling Maggie that she doesn’t do serious dating. Eli then chooses that night to tell Ashley he’s a prophet, which then obviously goes over very, very badly. I rejoice. Eli turns to Chen, hoping he can do that “dark art” thing from earlier in the season to tell him about his love life. Chen reminds him that this is dangerous and to do it just for his romantic prospects is pretty stupid, and refuses to do it. Eli pouts. Especially when he finds out Maggie talked to Ashley when his former colleague comes by the office, and then manages to tick off Maggie. Yes, he was a little bit of a jerk in this episode. But everyone can’t be likeable all the time, I suppose.

    After heeding Matt’s advice, Taylor goes to see Ellen, who drops a bombshell about Jordan. She says that in his divorce from Susan (his first wife and Taylor’s deadbeat mom), he hid a lot of his assets in overseas bank accounts to protect them from her and then had his divorce attorney tear into her and get her declared as an unfit parent. Taylor calls her father’s old attorney and finds out that this is all true, which of course makes her even more angry, hormones aside. This leads to one of the most heartwrenching scenes ever between Victor Garber and Natasha Henstridge where Taylor kicks Jordan out of her office for depriving her of a relationship with her mother. Later, they manage to reconcile somewhat, but she warns him that an apology won’t be enough.

    Nate and Beth drop the bombshell on Eli that the next week, they’re flying to Vegas and eloping, and they want him to be the best man at their wedding. I really wish these two would get more screen time, because they’re absolutely adorable.

    But the good news gets tempered quickly as Ashley doesn’t turn up for dinner, and later dumps Eli saying she’s not willing to handle something so “serious.” Makes you wonder who she dates: airheaded guys who spend as much time in the bathroom as she probably does? Anyway, this makes Eli sad and since Chen won’t help him sort out his love life, he goes to a new acupuncturist, the oft-previously mentioned Dr. Lee, who happens to be Lady Heather – I mean, Melinda Clarke. She does the whole “dark art” thing on him, and he gets a very painful vision…

    …of Beth leaving Nate at the altar. Say it ain’t so, show! Let’s hope Eli can fix this one in a hurry, because I couldn’t bear to see that happen. And while everyone cries, including me, what could possibly happen next week? Sound off below.


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