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Chuck - Recap & Review - "Chuck vs. The Sensei"

Chuck vs. The Sensei

Original Air Date: 1 Dec 2008

Jeff L - TwoCents Staff Writer

So apparently everyone who isn't related to Chuck or is not currently working at the Spy More is a rogue secret agent. Chuck's ex-girlfriend Jill, Sarah's high school anti-bff Nicole Richie, Jeff's stalker, Bryce Larkin and tonight we meet Casey's old trainer/sensei who [shockingly] also turns out to be a rogue agent.

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  1. So apparently everyone who isn't related to Chuck or is not currently working at the Spy More is a rogue secret agent. Chuck's ex-girlfriend Jill, Sarah's high school anti-bff Nicole Richie, Jeff's stalker, Bryce Larkin and tonight we meet Casey's old trainer/sensei who [shockingly] also turns out to be a rogue agent.

    General Grandma orders the gang to Chuck out the Global Launch Agency (GLA). Chuck wants a break, but there's no time for love, Dr. Jones. Chuck is waiting in the van while Casey and Sarah scope out the joint. Inside, a ninja dressed in all white steals some high-tech doodad and Casey gives chase. He stabs the ninja with his Spy More pen and rips off his mask to see it's his old sensei Dixon (Carl Lumbly/Alias).

    Remember when the Awesome-in-Laws couldn't make it to Thanksgiving? Well they've made it now and it's giving Ellie a panic attack. Turns out the Awesomes are pretty well, awesome. Awesome's dad is Scarecrow from Scarecrow and Mrs. King and his mom is Morgan Fairchild. Awesome.

    Back at the Castle (that's what we're calling the secret base under the Orange Orange), General Grandma fills in the gang about sensei Dixon. Turns out, he's the most Fulcrumy of all the Fulcrum agents and he's turning his former students (hey wasn't Casey a former student? Why yes. He was.) into rogue agents as well.

    Over at the Spy More, Buster brings back the Employee of the Month program, to be based on a tally of customer comment cards. Morgan, Jeff and Lester decide to hold their own anti-employee of the month contest to see who can score the lowest on the comment card tally.

    Sarah and Casey (Chuck is allowed to sit out this time) track sensei Dixon to a construction site where they think he's going to be selling the high-tech doodad he horked from the GLA. They find his car but sensei Dixon is nowhere to be found and his car is a bomb. BOOM.

    Back at Spy More, sensei Dixon shows up looking for Casey. That Spy More pen he pulled out of his arm might have tipped him off to Casey's whereabouts. Morgan is very rude to him, in hopes he'll get a bad review on his customer comment card. Chuck calls in the code red at the Spy More but the gang aren't answering their phones. I'm sure it's because they were both killed in the explosion. The end.

    Just kidding, Chuck tails sensei Dixon outside, but Dixon grabs Chuck and trunks him in his car. (Can you use truck as a verb?) Casey and Sarah aren't dead and they get Chuck's message and see that his tracking signal is moving away from the Spy More. Casey and his former mentor play chicken with Sarah and Chuck being unwilling passengers in their respective cars. Sensei Dixon crashes into a parked car, when Casey veers off.

    The sensei tries to turn Casey to the dark side, but he knows Casey will never join him, and together, they can rule the galaxy. Dixon grabs a handy crane hook and jumps to escape.

    Later, at the Castle, General Grandma yells at Casey for risking Chuck's life in his foolish attempt to thwart sensei Dixon. Casey is taking this whole sensei thing personally. Glower. Frown.

    At the Spy More, the Nerd Herd gets a dressing down of their own from Buster. He threatens the employee with the lowest score with having to close the store every Saturday night. That means the three amigos only have one night to turn their scores around and avoid the dreaded Saturday night shift. Really? Why do these losers need their Saturday nights free anyhow? Is there a big Tron convention in town? Queue the big montage of the Herders being nice for a change.

    Casey, who's been taken off the sensei case by Grandma, hijacks Chuck and uses his fingerprint to get into the system he's been locked out of. He was too close to the investigation. Wasn't that why he was put on the investigation in the first place, Grandma? While Casey has Chuck in a headlock and is going over the documents Chuck flashes on a local dojo that is being used as the headquarters for sensei Dixon and his dark side apprentices. Casey handcuffs Chuck to the yogurt freezer and runs off.

    Oh yeah, remember that b-story? Ellie's wedding plans are being hijacked by the Awesome-in-Laws. She freaks out and gives the Scarecrow and Mrs. Awesome a piece of her mind.

    Chuck uses the freezer to somehow shatter his handcuffs and thanks his "seven years of MacGyver" before heading for the dojo himself where he's instantly recaptured. Nice move.

    Casey arrives at the dojo. How Chuck beat him there is a mystery that is going to go unanswered. I'm guessing Casey stopped for a burger on the way. Sarah shows up too and the spies enter the dojo to find Chuck who swears he was "waiting in the car."

    Casey uses the old, you can't beat me "mano a mano" crap from every movie ever made and he and the sensei throw down.

    Casey looks like he's going to lose the fight, but Chuck, who heard about Casey being told he'd never be a master until he managed to find his calm center, knows that Casey has no calm center. His center is filled with rage (and surprisingly nougat). Chuck revs Casey up and he kicks butt just in time before the cavalry arrives.

    And at the Spy More, Buster announces the employee of the month: and it's none of the gang we know and love. It's some Skip Johnson kid who gets his photo on the wall and a huge 65" flat screen TV. Hey that wasn't part of the bargain! Lester, Jeff and Morgan all scowl.

    Look out next week, when Gary Cole (is he on EVERY show now?) shows up as SURPRISE probably another rouge agent.

  2. I think they did great casting having Bruce Boxleitner being Mr Awesome! Scarecrow is still hot. lol
    The whole BuyMore competition... don't we all feel like not working for "the man".

  3. Speaking of still being hot...Morgan Fairchild. Wow...she still looks great and she's been in the spank bank since 1982!

  4. lol.....
    won't comment....could cause sensorship


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