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Chuck - Recap & Review - Chuck Vs The Delorean

Chuck vs. The Delorean

Original Air Date: Dec. 8, 2008

Jeff L - TwoCents Staff Writer

Brady clan beware, there's a new sibling in town and she's ready to Marsha-Marsha-marshal arts you right in the throat if you don't bring Davy Jones to the prom or help her dad (Gary Cole) to Paper Moon (It's black & white so you kids have never heard of it) an angry Arab sheik.

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  1. Chuck
    Chuck vs. The Delorean

    Original Air Date: Dec. 8, 2008

    Jeff L - TwoCents Staff Writer

    Brady clan beware, there's a new sibling in town and she's ready to Marsha-Marsha-marshal arts you right in the throat if you don't bring Davy Jones to the prom or help her dad (Gary Cole) to Paper Moon (It's black & white so you kids have never heard of it) an angry Arab sheik.

    Flashback to 1990 when Sarah was just a wee little Tatum O'neal. She helps her dad rob armored cars instead of the old fake bible scam, but we see that she's a good little con-person and we finally see why her dad, Jack Burton, was arrested right before she was recruited to become a secret agent by the Candyman (long before the Intersect 2.0 exploded sending him all the way to the 24 on the Fox Network).

    Back in present day, Chuck finds out that Sarah has a personal day that she's being very secretive about. Casey doesn't know what she's up to either, but he could care less. Chuck decides to do a little freelance spy work and follows Sarah to a fancy restaurant where she's eating with her dad. Of course, Chuck thinks she's on a date and then flashes on the guy and we see he's a con man with an extensive criminal record. Sarah notices that Chuck is two tables away because she's still carrying his GPS tracking device even when she's on personal business. Sarah is a professional and it's a silly Jack-Tripper-assumption to think she's on a date. Anyway, Chuck gets busted spying on her and Sarah introduces her "boyfriend" Chuck to her father.
    Over in this week's b-story, Anna is back from her Chuck Cunningham vacation and she wants to move in with Morgan in a fancy little one bedroom that's out of each of their price ranges individually.

    Back at Sarah's place, Jack thinks she's pulling some sort of scam herself, since she "works" at the Orange Orange and her "boyfriend" makes about $12/hour. She claims she's not, but to get the wheels of deceit turning, Jack shows off his huge suitcase full of angry Sheik money. Sarah rushes off to the castle to call General Grandma and narc on her pops, but Granny has other ideas. Turns out, the sheik in question has been funding terrorist and if Jack Burton took some $700,000 well then the government might look the other way as long as Sarah can use Burton to get to the sheik so they can freeze his billions in assets.

    Sarah, Chuck and Jack all head out to dinner. During the meal, Jack confesses about the money from his latest scam. Now, we're supposed to believe this great con-man tricked a crafty terrorist funding sheik into giving away his money using the old "wanna buy the Brooklyn Bridge" routine? Only this time, the bridge is the Nakatomi Plaza. Well Chuck and Sarah head home but as they leave, Chuck flashes on a man and his entourage entering the hotel. It's the sheik of course and he's out for blood. Sarah jumps into the scam pretending to be the secretary of Mr. Lichtenstein (the fictional character Jack's using the "sell" the Nakatomi plaza). The sheik doesn't seem to believe either Jack or Sarah until Chuck has Mr. Lichtenstein paged over the hotel intercom and then poses as Lichtenstein and entwines himself in the plot as well.
    Over in b-story town, Morgan is looking for Chuck but only finds Captain Awesome who advises Morgan to move in with Anna and grow up and start being an adult. It's time. Awesome even goes so far as to loan Morgan $2,500 for the down payment on the place. Awesome sneaks in 12 points on the loan and a weekly vig that I hope comes back to haunt Morgan in the future.

    Back at the Spy More, there are 2 paths Morgan can go down. One leads to the sexy Anna who's waving him onwards to adulthood and the other leads to Jeff and Lester who are drooling over a Delorean that's been brought in to have an ipod dock installed. So of course, Morgan buys the Delorean from the owner with the money he's just borrowed from Awesome.

    General Grandma gets the update from the gang about the goings on surrounding the sheik and the Nakatomi Plaza. She thinks "selling" the plaza to the sheik would work if they could get him to enter his account number into one of the CIA rigged computers, thus providing the government with the information they need to freeze the sheik's accounts. Of course, Granny will deny all knowledge of the gang's involvement in any plot to sell the Nakatomi Plaza -- that would be fraud.

    Awesome shows up at the Spy More because apparently he's got spies of his own. He's somehow heard that Morgan blew the money on a Delorean. Morgan isn't there, however, he's down at the DMV getting his customized "DEMORGAN" plates. He returns to the store just in time to find Anna and Awesome ready to kill him. Awesome demands a refund by the next day or he'll pluck Morgan from head to toe, starting with his groin -- which Anna informs him, he won't be needing for awhile.

    Meanwhile, over in Oceans 11, Sarah, Chuck, Jack and now Casey are involved in the plot to "sell" the sheik his building. They scam some office drones in the building into evacuating and pull off an epic scam ala The Sting, with only a few glitches. They get the sheik's account number and then take off to celebrate.

    Back at the hotel, everyone is in celebration mode. Jack slips a cigar into Casey's jacket pocket and Sarah and Chuck pour the champagne. Jack grabs the ice bucket and heads out into the hall. It's only then that the two highly trained spies notice that the laptop with the sheik's $10 million dollars is missing, the CIA's account numbers for the sheik and even Casey's cigar are missing. General Grandma tells them that the money never made it into the CIA's account and Sarah takes off looking for her dad. Granny, following Sarah's departure, orders Casey to arrest Jack. Casey tries, but the sheik has already caught up to him. There's going to be an exchange of the sheik's money for Sarah's father.

    Over at the Spy More, Morgan is running about $2,500 short in his fundraising effort in order to payback Captain Awesome. He asks Chuck for a loan and Chuck discovers that his bank account is now sporting a little over $10 million.

    Sarah tries to pull a fast one on the sheik with some ringer bags and is busted just as Chuck rolls up in the Delorean (which it turns out, can't go over 22/MPH without stalling out.) Chuck offers the sheik his money back if he'll let him transfer it from his account on the wireless laptop he's got in the car. Just then Casey shows up, posing as a treasury agent and "arresting" Chuck and slipping a gun to Sarah. The sheik releases Jack and hops in the Delorean to take off. He's not going to get far at 22/MPH and Chuck calls the police to report the car is stolen.

    Back at the Castle, General Grandma tells the gang that they were able to freeze the Sheik's accounts. But, unfortunately, Jack will still need to be arrested since he's a wanted man.

    Back at the Spy More, Morgan tells Chuck that the Delorean was stolen. Chuck is about to apologize, but Morgan tells him that he'll be able to get blue book value for the car which is listed as way more than the $2,500 he paid. So Morgan will have his money to pay back Awesome and have money to move in with Anna who's already planning the decorations for their living room. Just when we think Morgan might actually grow up, a mint 1969 Charger General Lee (The Dukes of Hazzard) rolls into the Spy More installation bay with a for sale sign in the window.

    Sarah goes to say goodbye to her father before he's arrested. Just before the cops arrive Sarah sends her dad to get her ice cream so he's not in the hotel when the police arrive. Outside, Chuck and Jack watch as Sarah directs the police as they pan out in search of her father. Of course, she's pointing them in the wrong direction. Jack figures out that his daughter has grown up to be "some sort of cop" and he's pretty proud of her. Chuck's proud of her too and it's a very special episode all of a sudden.

  2. decent eps, but not as good as the others.
    "quit talking to yourself" ??? huh?

  3. Less summary and more Leiboff!!


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