Monday, December 8, 2008

The Amazing Race – Recap & Review – “You Look Like Peter Pan”

The Amazing Race
You Look Like Peter Pan

Original Air Date: 7 Dec 2008

Rachel – TwoCents Associate Editor

Season Finale, people! After 23 days, 5 continents, and almost 40,000 miles, who walked (or ran) away with the million dollar prize?

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  1. After 23 days, 5 continents, and almost 40,000 miles, who walked (or ran) away with the million dollar prize?

    The Top 3 Things I Learned About the The Amazing Race 13

    Andrew and Dan [Fraternity Brothers]: These two didn’t get much airtime this episode, what with being so far behind the other two teams and all. Everyone was on the same plane from Moscow to Portland, Oregon (the town of my birth, by the way), but as is tradition in the way they run the race, Dandrew made mistake after mistake. In fact, we didn’t even see them after the Detour near the beginning until they crossed the Finish Line in third place. I don’t even think they had to finish the other stuff… they probably got to a clue box that said, “It’s over, dudes. Just come to the finish line so we can pack up, OK?”

    Ken and Tina [Separated]: It all comes down to Taxis, really. Ken and Tina hit a few bumps here and there, mostly involving incompetents Taxi drivers. Full of frustration, they got to the final puzzle (a game of Husker-Du on steroids) where their bickering allowed Nick and Starr to sail on past. Now, these two have really annoyed me during the race, but even I was almost brought to tears when, after they crossed the Finish Line in second place, Ken pulled out their wedding rings they had not worn since they had separated and asked Tina to “Try this thing again.” She accepted, and I wish them all the best.

    Nick and Starr [Siblings]: Yay! Finally, a team that I wanted to win actually won! And finally, a team that deserved to win actually won! The siblings had come in first at 5 out of the 11 Pit Stops (including the Finish Line Pit Stop), which has to be a series record. Yes, they were sneaky sometimes, but they weren’t vindictive about anything. They ran a smart race and I am so happy for them! Hooray for Brother and Sister teams!

    What do YOU think? Did the right group win? Could YOU run The Amazing Race? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll buy some episode on DVD to hold us over until next season! Bye!


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