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Smallville - Recap & Review - "Bride"


Original Air Date: 20 Nov 2008

Charles, Two Cents Reviewer

Last night’s episode served as the mid-season finale for the series, and featured the return of a former cast regular, as well as setting up some plot threads for the rest of the season. Oh, and Jimmy and Chloe get married! Let’s take a look!

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  1. Last night’s episode served as the mid-season finale for the series, and featured the return of a former cast regular, as well as setting up some plot threads for the rest of the season. Oh, and Jimmy and Chloe get married! Let’s take a look!

    The teaser offers a Cloverfield-style flashforward of video highlights from the wedding, which takes place in the Kent barn. We see Chloe and Jimmy cutting the cake, followed by a loud crashing noise. Suddenly, the camera gets all jittery (the way wedding videos always seem to do) before Jimmy is knocked down by some obscure monstrosity. Chloe begs him not to die, before she is snatched away by the same creature. Cue opening credits!

    Flashing back to eight hours prior to the teaser footage, Lois is firmly in charge of organizing the wedding. Jimmy, in full tuxedo mode, plays matchmaker with Lois, offering his opinion that “Lois and Clark would be great together.” Jimmy also offers his insight that any man who relentlessly teases a female is really showing his interest in her. Jimmy also seems excessively superstitious about seeing Chloe before the ceremony. Foreshadow much, Jimmy? Chloe, meanwhile, is avoiding calls from Davis and dodging Jimmy’s inquiries about who she might be receiving text messages from. Oliver runs into Clark with news that Lex may still be alive, based on a number of ghost e-mails received by Tess Mercer. Ollie wants to chase down the server that has been routing the e-mails, but Clark says that he’s not going to be performing any heroics on Chloe’s wedding day. Ollie pouts ominously that Lex won’t wait forever to make a move against Clark and his secret.

    Oliver must have been more persuasive than he thought, because we next see him in his private jet as Clark returns with server in hand. Ollie has been spending his time contemplating photos of his murdered parents, and Clark rightly suspects that Ollie might be seeking revenge on Lex, rather than serving the common good. Clark decides to hang onto the server until he can join Ollie in tracking down Lex, and dashes back to the wedding. Unbeknownst to Clark, one of Oliver’s cronies has managed to download the content of the server via wi-fi, causing millions of tech-savvy viewers to throw up their arms in disgust. Back at the Kent barn, Chloe is still getting calls from Davis (didn’t he get an invitation?). Chloe reveals her anxieties about Davis to Lois, who wants to know how Chloe knew that Jimmy was “the one”. Chloe is looking for something borrowed to complete her wedding trousseau, and finds a shiny green rock in Clark’s desk. (She no longer remembers why meteor rocks are bad for Clark, as you’ll recall from last week’s episode.) Clark convinces her to put the shiny rock away in exchange for a corsage he has kept ever since freshmen homecoming. Aww! Speaking of green rocks, Ollie is skulking around Cuba with bow in hand, looking for the elusive Lex. He ends up finding a bald mannequin instead and a note that reads, “Sorry I missed you.” Suddenly, a dark-suited ninja-like fighter attacks! Is it one of Lex’s former bodyguards? An impatient member of the still-gestating Justice League? No! It’s Lana!

    Lana immediately recognizes Ollie, blowing his secret identity. Lana is still working to protect Clark from Lex, and urges Oliver to join the fight for a greater good, asking “What would Clark Kent do?” WWCKD! Oliver reminds her that it’s Chloe’s wedding day, and invites her to crash the party. Back at the Kent farm, Lois is getting all hot and bothered by the sight of Clark in a suit, and has an awkward Freudian moment with his cufflinks. Lois is so caught up in Clark’s dreamy eyes, she mistakes his recitation of Jimmy’s self-written vows as a declaration of love for her! Oh, Lois. Davis, now a bloody mess, is calling Chloe again, while dumping suspiciously wet and lumpy trash bags into the dumpster. Davis is accosted by a rent-a-cop, causing Davis to hulk out into a familiar looking monstrosity. Back at the wedding barn, the nuptial dance is in full swing. Clark tells Chloe she’s “the best friend I could’ve had,” prompting Chloe to expound on the great weight that she feels has been lifted from her. Cue sad Clark face! Clark drowns his sorrow in Lois’ plunging neckline as they dance. Cue soulful gaze! Cue swelling, er, music! Cue converging lips! Cue guest-star entrance! Lana, why do you have to spoil everything?

    Lois slips away with a bottle of champagne to the front porch, where Ollie lends a sympathetic ear. Lois confesses that she has feeling for a certain guy and thought that guy needed her. Ollie is one step ahead of the script, telling Lois that Clark does need her. Lana, meanwhile, has slipped upstairs to read some mystery text messages, when Clark shows up for the inevitable heart-to-heart. Lana has heard the stories about the red-and-blue-blur of Metropolis and is proud of Clark for taking a more active role. She then dashes any hope of her returning to the series by telling Clark she’s happy with where she is now, and that perhaps Clark and Lana were never meant to be. On that note, let’s cut to the cake-cutting scene, where Clark notices an ominous tremor in the punch bowl. A familiar crashing noise erupts and Lana is knocked down! The dark monstrosity stops Clark’s punch and tosses him aside, knocking the Kryptonite out of Clark’s desk right in front of him! Jimmy gets smacked down (again), and Chloe experiences a Bride of Frankenstein moment as a shadow falls across her. Isn’t this where we came in?

    As the dust settles, Clark finds Lana at the hospital. Jimmy, by all accounts, is in rough shape, and is being med-evac-ed to Star City. Lois is wondering why terrible things keep happening to her and her friends, and decides to accompany Jimmy to the cliffhanger. Cue U2-soundalike music for closing montage! The Doomsday monstrosity carries Chloe into the now-blacklit Fortress and lays her on a slab of dark crystal. Chloe opens her eyes and smiles. Cut to a rear view of a bald-headed figure wired up to all kinds of, er, wires and watching video footage of the wedding. Is it. . . ? Could it be. . . ?

    Smallville returns with new episodes in mid-January, leaving you plenty of time to share your comments on the season thus far!

  2. Ok, did you notice Chloe's eyes at the end? Was she under mind control or something or did she know it was Davis? And yes, I am sure that was Lex we saw, or some reincarnate of him. I am at least glad they gave us a teaser of what is to come.


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