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Knight Rider - Recap & Review - "I Wanna Rock and Roll All Knight"

Knight Rider
I Wanna Rock and Roll All Knight

Original Air Date: 12 Nov 2008

EV-Two Cents Reviewer

Ah, the government and all its dirty little secrets. The juicier they are, the harder they bring down those involved. It was only a matter of time before Knight Rider was dragged into that. Shall I explain? I think I will…

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  1. Ah, the government and all its dirty little secrets. The juicier they are, the harder they bring down those involved. It was only a matter of time before Knight Rider was dragged into that. Shall I explain? I think I will…

    So, this episode started with a bit of a sexual edge to it…Mike and Sarah sparring…all hot and sweaty. Yeah. Billy and Zoe are watching the session in KITT, eating popcorn…making bets on who will make the first move, if they’ll get together. Poor KITT can’t help but learn about the sexual relationships of humans. Very funny stuff, let me tell ya. This happened a lot throughout the episode; those two betting, Sarah and Mike flirting…almost to a point to where I was like, “Ok. We get it. You like each other. Get on with it already!”

    Sex stuff aside, the main point of this episode is the explosive rampage of a Congressman’s daughter, named Nikki and her boyfriend, Max. They have their own website, where they post videos of their bombings of government/military connected buildings. They’re anti-government and want the people of America to know what’s really going on. That’s nice. Blow up things to get what you want. Typical spoiled brat and her bomb-happy BF, right? Er…well, yes. Sort of.

    Mike and KITT, with Sarah accompanying them, (to “get a female perspective on the whole thing“…yeah right. Mike and Sarah just wanted to be by each other at all times, just so, you know…if the moment should arise…?), go off and try to locate they couple’s next bombing local. The first building is Anderson Valve, a major supply plant in the military chain. Blow that up, and there will be problems. So, they go in there, and end up finding the bomb, actually, Mike finds it and attempts to disarm it but KITT tells him there’s no time and Mike ends up tossing it in front of KITT, who covers the blast. Sarah chases after the couple, who are armed of course, as are Mike and Sarah and there’s a stand off.

    So, I’m waiting for Mike and Sarah to shoot, but they can’t, because they have orders not to fire from Agent Revai, since one-Nikki is the daughter of a Congressman who happens to be important to Knight Industries (he’s there quote unquote sugar daddy…) and two-they are wanted on Federal charges. So, stand off, stand off, stand off, annnnnnnnd Nikki shoots Mike in the arm with a shotgun and then she and her boyfriend take off. Damn. It’s not bad, Sarah cleans it up and that, but, of course, Mike is ticked off about being shot by her Royal Highness, Princess Brat-ner (teehee, I made that up. Funny, no?) but he has to get her back safely because Daddy, the Congressman is now involved and he’s spouting the story that the Nikki who is running around with Bad Boy, and blowing things up isn’t the Nikki he knows and that Max is “poisoning her.” Does Mike by it? Doesn’t matter if he does or not, he’s got no choice.

    Tracking them down again, at Teeter Plastics, a plant that makes parts for Tomahawk Missiles, the whole situation takes a strange turn, when Max turns on Nikki and holds he at knife point. Well, I know I’M not stupid…it’s just a ploy. Part of the plan. But Mike is forced to buy it and takes Nikki, while Max gets away. Here’s the stupid part…Mike takes her BACK to Head Quarters, and back to Daddy and Agent Revai. Now, I know there’s got to be some other place where federal criminals like her could go…there has to be! I guess not, because, Nikki takes a perfect opportunity, and capitalizes on it. Turning on the tears and the “I’ll-do-anything” act, Nikki agrees to turn on Max, after she is allowed to talk to Dad and Mom, via cell.

    After that, Agent Revai takes her into custody, because, heh, she may have turned on Max, but she’s still in a crap-load of trouble! After they leave, a discovery that the firewall to Knight Researches mainframe was tampered is made. it’s traced back to a computer in the Game Room, where Nikki and Daddy were allowed to talk. Turns out that Nikki has taken EVERYTHING, every bit of info on Knight Research, who’s involved, what KITT is, and what their mission is. Agent Revai, who is riding in a van with Nikki and her dad, is notified and she then tells the dad. Well, Dad says its impossible. Billy says its not. He says that she probably downloaded onto her father’s phone. Revai asks for the phone…in which, at the same moment, Max shows up and crashes his car into the van, gets Nikki and takes Agent Revai hostage.

    Mike & KITT go after them, with the fact that if all that info is downloaded onto the Internet, it’s over for everyone, very prevalent in mind. They catch up with them, (in another set of wheels, of course.) and take out their car (with the help of KITT), by shooting out the tires. There’s another stand off, in which ends with the couple and Revai getting in into KITT…and KITT gassing them! Revai gets out in time, but Max and Nikki aren’t so lucky. Completely gassed out…losers…The download was stopped by Billy back at Headquarters and those two were taken into custody.

    The episodes with Mike and Sarah sharing a semi-intimate moment, but Mike breaks it off. Which is right…the business they’re in? Can’t afford that kind of relationship…but it was a happy ending, anyways. As for the quality of this episode? Hate to say it, but compared to last weeks? Total flop. Last weeks was actually interesting, with everyone having an important part in it. This week? Uh-uh. That’s MY TwoCents anyways….


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