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Gossip Girl - Recap & Review - "The Magnificent Archibald’s"

Gossip Girl
The Magnificent Archibald’s

Original Airdate: 17 Nov 2008

Alicia – TwoCents Reviewer

TURKEY! TURKEY! TURKEY! Want to know how many times I can say turkey before you hate me? A lot. So, I’ll just tell you this episode is all about the turkey. That’s right, it’s Thanksgiving on Gossip Girl. I’m expecting lots of Blair sized temper tantrums with sides of mash potatoes and for dessert: Hot pie!

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  1. TURKEY! TURKEY! TURKEY! Want to know how many times I can say turkey before you hate me? A lot. So, I’ll just tell you this episode is all about the turkey. That’s right, it’s Thanksgiving on Gossip Girl. I’m expecting lots of Blair sized temper tantrums with sides of mash potatoes and for dessert. Hot pie!

    Blair isn’t adjusting to living with Cyrus (Mommy Waldorf’s BF) and his son Aaron. Yes, the Aaron, Serena’s Aaron. She’s also a bit miffed that Daddy Waldorf doesn’t see fit to come visit her. Serena likes to look on the bright side of life, so she’s thrilled Aaron will be spending the holidays with her. B thinks S’s Young Cyrus is a bit too much like Bill Paxton in Big Love. Odd comparison, but its actually spot on.

    Welcome back Nate! A few of us missed your brooding ways. Maybe it was just me who missed it because Chuck and Dan sure didn’t, they still hate you. Apparently, The Captain, aka Daddy Archibald is back in town too. Nate = confused. But, he came back because he wants his family to run away with him. Wouldn’t this scenario have made more sense if he had oh I don’t know called?

    In stupid land, Jenny and Eric visit a lawyer to talk about emancipation because you know J is totally capable of this…or not. Rufus gets wind that J has been crashing with Eric and isn’t too happy. But, Lily tells Rufus to calm the heck down and give it some more time.

    Eric opens up to Stepfather Bart about his lack of a relationship with his new boyfriend Jonathan. Bart lets us all know he had a PI tail Jonathan and that cheating boy has been with another guy. E talks to Chuck about Bart and his snoopy-like ways. Chuck takes E to the safe where E learns that Bart has files on each of his family members. So, this really wasn’t a story where Bart was just trying to be helpful was it?

    Aaron is boring. I heard online someone call him Boron. Like boring Aaron. I like it. Boron is not only a lame character, but we see he’s a recovering alcoholic when he refuses a drink at dinner with Serena. Things are going much worse over at casa de Blair. Cyrus is being all kinds of irritating by eating Blair’s pie. Bad move. But, Cyrus tells her he made some reservations at her favorite restaurant, so maybe things aren’t ALL bad. Blair runs to her maid Dorota only to learn that Cyrus is going to propose to Eleanor at that restaurant. Blair decides to skip the dinner, so maybe things are that bad.

    Lily talks to Pre-Emancipated Jenny and tells her she really belongs at home until college. J says thanks but no thanks all while STILL rockin’ this terrible haircut and makeup that would make a hooker cry. Dan and Rufus happen to run into Aaron at the supermarket. Strange given how large the area is that they would be in the same place. Dan sees that A doesn’t know anything about who Serena is. Elsewhere, Serena begs Chuck to not say anything about her, so Aaron won’t see who she really is. Lying is F-U-N!

    Nate sees Vanessa on the street, as Vanessa heads to Dan’s for dinner. Rufus meanwhile gets a call from Lily who tells him to come over immediately. She needs to fill him in on J’s leaving her family plan, but doesn’t want to do it over the phone. Yes, Lily because you know each time you and Rufus have been alone, Bart has loved it!

    OMG not to sound all high school girl, but Dorota’s ringtone for Eleanor is “I’m a Slave 4 U” by Britney Spears. This has to be the best writing of the episode. Dorota is wandering the streets with B, who tries to think of something to do to avoid going to dinner. Um, couldn’t you just fake being sick? It worked for the rest of us in high school.

    Boron… I mean Aaron accuses Dan of lying about Serena. But, Dan who in essence is still boring becomes the better man and allows Serena to salvage her “relationship” with Aaron. Chuck and V set Nate up with an FBI guy, who then tells FBI guy the Captain is planning some shady moneymaking scheme. It seems that Capt. Liar has been threatening Nate’s grandparents, telling the old people that he’ll kidnap Nate if they don’t give him cash.

    Rufus sees the emancipation plans and begs J to come back. She’s says no, no, no. Later, Lily asks Bart what he’s doing being all sneaky! She’s so ticked that he likes dirt on his own family that she says bye, bye, bye and goes off to eat dinner in a place where dirt stays on the ground.

    Nate’s Dad tries to explain, but Nate doesn’t want to hear Capt. Liar, he’d rather hear Capt. Truth. Nate gives Daddy a choice that's simple; leave forever or turn himself in. Capt. Liar does the right thing and turns himself in. Eric gets into those files Bart has and learns an awesome secret Lily has been hiding. Lily be CRAZY! Apparently, Crazy Lily was in mental hospital when she was a kid but we don’t know why. I really want Crazy Lily NOW. That’s going to be the best episode ever!

    People who live on opposite sides of life and New York really run into each other a lot on this show. Blair runs into Jenny on the street and tells her she’s lucky to have a father that cares. Eleanor shows up, convincing Blair to come home. Eleanor takes J back to Humphrey land. Nate makes plans to hang out with Vanessa and to have a drunken night of debauchery with Chuck. That would make a great scene too!

    Gossip Girl concludes to sweet family scenes. Blair is surprised to see her dad at home. Eleanor invited him to approval to proposal. Jenny comes back to rip up her emancipation papers. The terrible eye makeup she’s been sporting goes away letting us idiots know that Good Jenny is back and Evil Jenny is no more. It’s so blatant it annoys me. J even makes nice with Vanessa. In the end, the moral of the story is: Thanksgiving makes Evil People Good.


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