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Eleventh Hour - Recap & Review - Frozen

Eleventh Hour

Original Air Date: Nov 13th, 2008

Nicola – TwoCents Reviewer

Malibu, California – A woman walks along the surf, drunk and brooding. She gets a text – “Have u reconsidered?” The question doesn’t seem to matter, because the next time we see her she is a frozen dead body on the beach, one eyelid away from whole. Jacob is on the case, and boy do we need him.

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  1. Eleventh Hour

    Original Air Date: November 13th, 2008

    Nicola – TwoCents Reviewer

    Malibu, California – A woman walks along the surf, drunk and brooding. She gets a text – “Have u reconsidered?” The question doesn’t seem to matter, because the next time we see her she is a frozen dead body on the beach, one eyelid away from whole. Jacob is on the case, and boy do we need him.

    The victim is Marlena Gower, a college student recently at a party. Her body temperature is 39 degrees Fahrenheit, and not getting any warmer. They decide to check out the party she attended, and Jacob goes poking about, but doesn’t find much. At least the air conditioner’s up to code!

    It’s a dead end there, so they go to talk to her doctor. Marlena had aplastic anemia, and it was fatal. But something else got to her first.

    We are treated to a little vignette of a pregnant woman and her husband, looking at an unltrasound. Something’s wrong with the husband, but as to what, we can only guess. For now…

    Jacob takes a look at Marlena’s liver under a microscope, with the assistance of the local medical examiner, Dr. Nash. The liver has no frostbite! There are no ice crystals anywhere! Jacob needs to look closer, so he contracts a bunch of tests. He commandeers a lab at Malibu State and begins, with the help of a very diligent army of chemistry students; one in particular has her eye on him. Jacob seems to be attracting a lot of female attention in this episode. Rachel seems… displeased.

    We revisit the pregnant couple at a meeting at the Forever Forward Foundation, which seems to be some sort of cryogenic freezing company, as they talk about reviving people after they’re dead. The husband’s condition is briefly addressed, and he says that he just wants the possibility to see his son, even if he can’t be there when he’s born. Creeeepy.

    Elsewhere, a shady security officer is stealing some sort of blue liquid in jars. Could this be our mysterious freezing compound?

    We’re about to find out, because a man in Century City is about to get hit. He’s working late in his office and hears strange noises. At first it seems like they’re just coming from the floor waxer. But the viewer gets a glance of someone holding some sort of syringe/gun, so we know better. Our next victim has been found. He’s John Robbins, a lawyer and newly frozen man. Jacob’s at the lab, so Rachel goes solo to this scene. She discovers that this man has the same texts on his phone that Marlena did. And finally we get a glimpse of Rachel’s elusive smarts – she deduces that whoever is sending the text must be using the phone only for that purpose, and removing the battery and SIM card when not in use so he can’t be traced. Rats! She also learns that Robbins had another fatal disease that involves a high level of blood in his system.

    Jacob comes up with some fancy theory about a molecule that reacts with itself and he needs to test it out. He needs a raw hamburger, and Rachel provides. He’s right, of course. The hamburger gets down to 39 degrees, just like the first victim. Robbins had too much iron in his blood, which stopped the process to a certain degree, but not enough to save his life.

    This compound is called cryosine, and it can be traced to a company called Adastra, which manufactures it to preserve organs for transport. It’s being used in clinical trials at the Forever Forward Foundation.

    A quick trip to this Forever Forward Foundation teaches Jacob and Rachel about deanimated neural suspension. They cut off the heads of the bodies and then preserve the heads until diseases can be cured in the future. They use cryosine in their research, but much of what they had is missing.

    A bit of digging reveals a security guard by the name of Joey Lux. He’s an ex-cop, and a bit of an unsavory character. It’s possible he has something to do with the missing cryosine, but he’s a bit uncooperative when they come to interview him. However, his apartment provides Jacob with the necessary inspiration for him to realize that the cryosine isn’t being injected at all. It’s being shot in with a jet injection gun, which would leave no puncture wounds.

    A short time later, Jacob and Rachel return to find that Lux is dead too. It would appear that he drank the cryosine, but that’s not a very effective way to get it into your blood, according to Jacob. A set-up, perhaps?

    Rachel calls Mrs. Grekowski, the pregnant woman, to try to track down her husband, who is currently at the foundation paying a check. Mr. Grekowski has been getting the strange texts too! When Rachel and Hood track him down, he’s about to be attacked by Dr. Nash, who turns out to be the one who is killing people with the cryosine. He’s got an issue with people trying to cheat death and waste money that could be used for the good of the living. He takes Grekowski hostage, with Rachel in pursuit. Grekowski gets iced anyway, but he’s saved by an iron infusion. As for his fatal disease… well, Jacob even has somewhat of a solution for that.

    As a faithful fan of abnormally creepy dead bodies, this was definitely a fun episode for me. I appreciated Jacob finally getting some interest from women, because who wouldn’t like the crazy smart, hunky doctor? I found Rachel’s peevishness because of this amusing, but I don’t think it needs to go much further than a little jealousy.

    I do enjoy their conversations, though, as they always seem to range a little past the scientific. They’re fairly well-written dialogues, and the further their business relationship and friendship develops, the more I admire them as a team. Especially now that Rachel’s starting to hold her own a bit more. Finally.

  2. I'm still thinking that whole cryogenic head freezing is a scam job ... $80,000 to freeze your head & HOPE that someday they can wake you up?! I'll leave my spouse $80,000 to spend on therapy after I'm gone!

    This whole episode was a tad creepy ~ but the girl's interest in Jacob was very funny!

  3. What is wrong with this picture?

    Answer: a lot.

    What is the CH2 comma?

    The C double bond "OH" is incorrect as the oxygen should have a positive charge.

    What is even more interesting is the two methyl groups on the left side, well that carbon they're attached to... a floating bond... or worse? An I? I severely hope it is not an I and that carbon that has one bond is actually supposed to be attached to it.

    Also, I heard that the "organic" lab had all pretty colors. Um, notsomuch.

    Quite the "organic" molecule with phosphorus and boron and all!

  4. good episode. it was so much fun to watch the women flirting with Hood, and Rachel telling him in the end. I wonder if he noticed???

    I didn't quite get the ending. that last scene showing the floating head, was that a proper ending or was that suppose to show a bigger plot and 'to be continoued'; then again, it didn't say anything at the end... I'm so confused. Other shows end with a sceen like that you'd think there's more to the story... but with Eleveth Hour, you never know.


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