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Chuck - Recap & Review - "Chuck vs. The Gravitron"

Chuck vs. The Gravitron

Original Air Date: Nov 17, 2008

Jeff L - TwoCents Staff Writer

Last week, we left off with the unwitting Chuck being shuffled off/kidnapped for a romantic weekend/tragic funeral by his ex-girlfriend/Fulcrum agent Jill. Chuck has no idea of course and we're left to wonder when the kissing will stop and the shooting will begin.

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  1. Last week, we left off with the unwitting Chuck being shuffled off/kidnapped for a romantic weekend/tragic funeral by his ex-girlfriend/Fulcrum agent Jill. Chuck has no idea of course and we're left to wonder when the kissing will stop and the shooting will begin.

    Jill decides it's shower time and Chuck sees he's got like a hundred messages from Sarah. He's about to try to ignore that fact, when Jill's phone gets a text message and Chuck's Intersect starts tweaking. He flashes and realizes that Jill is with Fulcrum and she breaks his heart yet again. He makes some excuses about being thirsty and runs out while Jill showers. Of course Casey and Sarah have found Chuck somehow and have already set up cover identities in the hotel. After a quick spy conference, Chuck is sent back in to act as if nothing is wrong and lure Jill into a trap of their own design.

    Over in the B-story, the Awesome-in-laws are coming to visit for Thanksgiving. This puts undo stress on Ellie and she has to un-invite Morgan from attending his traditional turkey dinner with the Bartowski clan. It's not like she didn't give him any turkey. He got to test one of the "too dry" sample turkeys Ellie was baking in a dress rehearsal before the big in-law arrival. It's not like Morgan would ruin Thanksgiving -- oh wait (last season).

    Back at Spy More: Morgan, Jeff and Lester, since they have no where to go for Thanksgiving, must man the store and it all it's extra Black Friday merchandise in preparation for Black Friday. Big Mike doesn't want the place getting robbed like what happened at the Husky Lad's clothing store where he used to work. Lady Big Mike is home cooking up a storm so Big Mike decides to get in a little fishing.

    Chuck and Sarah almost make out under the guise of helping prepare Chuck for Jill's seductive spy tactics, but it doesn't actually happen.

    Chuck and Jill go to the same amusement park where they became an official "couple" back in 2002. Only this time, instead of Chuck bribing a carny to get them stuck at the top of the ferris wheel so they could make out, Jill pulls a gun. Chuck tells her he's already broken his heart. She doesn't have to shoot it too. Chuck convinces her to betray the dark side and their love seems to be the deciding factor in her decision to start playing for the good guys. One problem, the Fulcrum agent knows as Leader has them under surveillance.

    They make a run for it, but Jill ends up unconscious and Chuck and Leader end up inside the Gravitron. The ride works in Chuck's favor and he's able to escape unharmed into the Funhouse. Chuck is just about to be killed by Leader, when Jill shoots him. Jill is finally glad to be free from Fulcrum who have been controlling her entire life since college when she was recruited at a CIA leadership conference. Outside, Casey and Sarah are waiting to take Jill into custody. They can't find the Fulcrum agent Leader, however, he's somehow managed to escape after being shot.

    At Orange Orange (or the castle as it’s being called now), Jill begins her interrogation with Sarah and Casey. She tells them where to find Leader, in a mobile medical unit somewhere in downtown Los Angeles. Casey and Sarah take off to find him, leaving Chuck to watch Jill, who's hooked up to a fancy Moment of Truth machine.

    Morgan, with the help of Jeff and Lester, breaks out of the Spy More in order to dumpster dive for some turkey over at Ellie and Chuck's place. Big Mike, who locked the guys in, despite their protests that it was a fire hazard, gets an alert on his cellphone that security has been breached and even though he's just about to start fishing decides he can't have another Chunky Lad situation and hightails it back to the store.

    At Chuck and Ellie's, Ellie is still freaking out about the Awesome-in-laws, when they call and their flight has been canceled. They aren't going to make it for Thanksgiving. It's a huge load off Ellie's mind and now she can have the usual "fun" turkey day with Morgan and Chuck. But she told Morgan he couldn't come to Thanksgiving. Luckily, he's outside digging though the trash just at the right moment.

    Alone with Jill and the lie detector, Chuck decides to do some interrogation of his own. He wants the real truth about how she felt about him and why she slept with Bryce Larkin. She didn't. True. Fulcrum told her she had to break up with Chuck and since Chuck was already not speaking to Larkin it was the easiest excuse she could think of. True. She never wanted to hurt him. True. She was his first love. True. Chuck releases Jill but she's still hooked up to the lie detector. Chuck asks her if they can start over. She passionately says yes. FALSE. Jill grabs a gun and takes Chuck hostage once again.

    Sarah and Casey show up with Leader, but it's a standoff. Jill forces them to release Leader and they Casey and Sarah are locked up, while Chuck is forced to hand over the encoded Fulcrum file so Leader can find Larkin, who they believe has the Intersect. I guess Fulcrum isn't hip to all the pertinent details.

    Chuck secretly unlocks Sarah and Casey's cell and he takes Leader and Jill to the Spy More via some secret underground tunnel we've never seen before. Leader isn't expecting Lester and Jeff to have set up a tripwire all around the store. Leader trips and gives Sarah and Casey enough time catch up. Sarah goes after Jill and Casey and Leader mix it up and Chuck chases after Sarah so Jill won’t get killed. Casey is losing the fight and is about to be shot, when Big Mike (in what I think is the series' best intertwining of the B-story and the main plot) seeing someone attacking one of his employees, goes on the attack. Leader is knocked out. Casey stashes the guns while Big Mike looks around but can’t find Morgan or Jeff or Lester. Did Morgan leave Casey in charge of store security? Um, sure, whatever, says Casey.

    Chuck catches up to Jill and sees her just about to shoot Sarah in the back. He grabs her and drags her outside, where he tells Jill to get in his Nerd Herd car and get the hell out of town. She begs Chuck to come with her, but he refuses. She jumps in the car and Chuck uses the remote to trap her inside the vehicle. Chuck saw her about to shoot Sarah and he wasn’t happy about it. Sarah shows up just in time to see Chuck place Jill under arrest.

    Back home, it’s a big happy family Thanksgiving and even Lester and Jeff get invited this year. Chuck shows up with Sarah and Morgan and Ellie are both happy that everything is back to normal.


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