Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Amazing Race – Recap & Review – “My Nose Is on Fire”

The Amazing Race

My Nose Is on Fire

Original Air Date: 9 Nov 2008

Rachel – Two Cents Senior Staff Writer

One would think the criteria for acceptance onto The Amazing Race might be a little more stringent. For instance, if a team can’t follow simple directions (or even attempt to READ the directions), then maybe they should not be on the show. I guess it does make for good TV... here I am talking about it.

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  1. The Top 6 Things I Learned About the Teams on The Amazing Race 13

    1. Nick and Starr [Siblings]: The siblings really sailed through this episode, landing at the mat first and winning a trip to Hawaii. They are running like a well-oiled machine, even if they tell a few little white lies now and then. It’s a game, right?

    2. Toni and Dallas [Mother and Son]: According to Mom Toni, she has really learned to trust Dallas more and enjoy the man he is becoming. Awww!

    3. Terence and Sarah [Newly Dating]: The only team to perform the tear-jerking hot pepper Detour, the couple complained the entire leg. Actually, I’m surprised they came in third.

    4. Ken and Tina [Separated]: Even with a Speed Bump looming over the heads of the last place team, Ken and Tina worked well together to break out of the bottom of the pack and took 4th place. Hopefully, their communication will continue to improve.

    5. Andrew and Dan [Fraternity Brothers]: Talk about deer caught in headlights! These two always look confused and pretty darn pathetic. Maybe that is why Tina took pity on them and helped out with the Detour, landing them 5th at the Pit Stop.

    6. Kelly and Christy [Divorcees]: Read the directions! Read the directions! These two were killing me. They failed to complete the Road Block at least 4 times before they decided to reread the directions to figure out what they were doing wrong. Duh! And then they took a cab when the clue specifically stated they had to go on foot. Then, they had to do the Detour at least 3 times until they got it. I mean, really. Read the directions! It’s easy! By the way, they were eliminated.

    What do YOU think? Did the right team go home? Why was the local Pit Stop greeter watering the lawn? How many times did you yell at the TV “Read the stupid directions!”? Who will be eliminated next? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll use it to invent a device that allows the people on the TV to hear you when you’re yelling at them.

  2. I can't believe I'm saying this, but lately I kinda like Ken and Tina (it was the talk back they did after coming in last that did it i think). I still have a bad taste in my mouth about Nick, because several legs ago when Starr was cheering him on (at the wall with all the words on it) he said something to the effect of 'I'm gonna tell you one more time, and I'm gonna tell you kindly to stop yelling.' She replied, 'Okay.' Ew, ew, ew. I think I like Toni and Dallas the best. Terence is so insecure I can't stand it and I feel bad for Sarah. If the underdogs (the frat boys) ended up winning it wouldn't bother me. They haven't been cruel or deceptive, which makes me happy.

  3. I can't stand Kelly and Christy, I do not want them to win. They should be outta there.

    I don't know if I have a favorite this season. I do find myself rooting for Toni and Dallas each episode so I guess I would have to say they are my favorite team. They don't seem to argue and they both are very supportive of each other.


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