Friday, October 17, 2008

Survivor – Recap & Review – “This Camp is Cursed”

Survivor: Gabon

This Camp is Cursed

Original Air Date: Oct 16, 2008

Rachel – Two Cents Senior Staff Writer

In a pretty white-bread episode, we were faced with two big elephants in the room: First, an actual elephant in the room, and second, a castaway who wants to go home. Man, I hate that.

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  1. The Top 14 Things I Learned About the Castaways of Survivor: Gabon

    1. Ace [Fang] is happy just sitting back and watching the other alliance in Fang implode. It’s a good thing, because after an abysmal performance in the Immunity Challenge, he and Sugar need to watch their backs.
    2. Bob [Koto] caught an electric fish in the net, and then spent the afternoon playing with it.
    3. Charlie [Koto] loves it over at Koto – “The rich just keep getting richer.”
    4. Corrine [Koto] didn’t do much this episode, except look like Atlas during the Immunity Challenge while holding the big wicker ball over her head.
    5. Crystal [Fang] is fed up with the tantrums of a grown man (GC) and is totally over helping him out. “I have no respect for a quitter.”
    6. Dan [Koto] coined a new name for Koto (“The Evil Empire”) and was a little over-zealous when talking about tribe strength and unity. They don’t believe him.
    7. Sugar [Fang] spent more time at Exile Island, calling herself “happy… and fat.” But she needs to be careful. Crystal went through her things and found the Immunity Idol so now everybody knows.
    8. Kelly [Fang] admitted that she “doesn’t have time for quitters” but is nervous about the Idol. Should they go for Sugar instead of GC?
    9. Ken [Fang] also felt that even though no one wants to keep GC around, Sugar with the Immunity Idol is scary. Maybe they SHOULD vote for Sugar…
    10. Marcus [Koto] just doesn’t trust anyone.
    11. Matty [Fang] took a canoe to get a better look at an elephant that was near the camp. In the majesty of the wild creature, I couldn’t help but think “Castaway Smushed by Pachyderm.” I was wrong, thankfully.
    12. Randy [Koto] is a weird little nerdy powerhouse. He has helped Koto win on more than one occasion, a fact that is not lost on him – “Did I kick ass, or what?”
    13. Susie [Koto] sure is quiet.
    14. GC [Fang] found that he was losing himself in the game and wondered where his priorities were. I guess he left them at home ‘cause he asked if he could leave to go get them. He was unanimously voted out.

    What do YOU think? Would you have gone in the canoe to see the elephant? Is it fair that castaways can go through each others things? Would you even know what to do with an herb garden? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll buy some exotic fruit (that Challenge made me hungry).

    Next week: “He's a Snake, But He's My Snake”


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