Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gary Unmarried - Gary Breaks Up His Ex-Wife & Girlfriend - Begs the Question...

This week Gary Unmarried brought us the episode entitled "Gary Breaks Up His Ex-Wife & Girlfriend". His ex and his new girlfriend were becoming chummy, chatty and giggly. Gary needs to stop the insanity!

That begs the question - have you ever had exes and new loves become friends? Were they friends first and continued so? How did you deal? Hopefully better than Gary did!

Share the news with us all in the comments! It's a new format in commentland - give it a shot!

[photo: Monty Brinton/CBS]

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  1. Once, while in college, I was horrified to learn that three guys I had made-out with (all in a non-committal sort of way) had become roommates. I had gone to visit one (booty call!) and the other two were there! "Hey... I know you! And you, too!. Eeek."


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