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The Amazing Race – Recap & Review – “I Wonder if They Like Blondes in New Zealand”

The Amazing Race

I Wonder if They Like Blondes in New Zealand

Original Air Date: Oct 19, 2008

Rachel – Two Cents Senior Staff Writer

The Amazing Race finally lands in New Zealand, Phil Koegan’s home country. And who was the official greeter at the Pit Stop? No, it wasn’t Peter Jackson… it was Phil’s dad! Awww!

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  1. The Top 8 Things I Learned About the Teams on The Amazing Race 13

    1. Ken and Tina [Separated]: Taking the Fast Forward, the separated couple had to climb to the very tippity-top of a space-needled sort of structure in Auckland (For the record, I would NOT have made it). Once again, they arrived at the mat in first place with a considerable lead.

    2. Terence and Sarah [Newly Dating]: Breezing through the Road Blocks and Detours, this team was second to meet Phil’s dad.

    3. Kelly and Christy [Divorcees]: Warning: soapbox ahead! The divorcees did not follow one of the directions that said “Drive to the summit.” Last week, my boys were eliminated for doing something similar. So why did these jerky girls not get a penalty? Huh? Phil, I’m talking to you!

    4. Toni and Dallas [Mother and Son]: Continuing to fly under the radar, the only thing wrong with this leg of the race for the mother and son team

    5. Nick and Starr [Siblings]: With a feud brewing with Kelly and Christy, the siblings seem to be growing closer together and that synchronicity helped keep them in the race. Oh, and Starr may have broken her arm. We’ll see how it goes next episode.

    6. Andrew and Dan [Fraternity Brothers]: In the funniest moment of the episode, one of the friends (I’m not sure who is who) was totally freaked out by the traditional Maori nose-touch at the end of a Road Block. To be fair, those Maori warriors are pretty freaky in a sexy Polynesian sort of way.

    7. Aja and Ty [Long Distance Dating]: Bickering overshadowed this leg for the couple and they were sure they would be eliminated. At one point, Ty started calling Aja Fidel (as in Castro). Nice. But their dumb luck seems to be holding: they arrived at the mat seventh.

    8. Marisa and Brooke [Southern Belles]: A series of bad decision and plain old not-paying-attention proved to be the downfall of the Southern Belles. They were eliminated from the race.

    What do YOU think? Could you have done the Fast Forward? How about drinking all of that Kiwi juice? And what about the rule discrepancy with the Divorcees? Who will be (or, rather, should be) eliminated next? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll put it in our New Zealand travel fund.

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