Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TwoThoughts at TheTwoCents: Fringe

TwoThoughts at TheTwoCents: Fringe
"The Same Old Story"

Original Air Date: Sept 16, 2008

Rachel - TwoCents Senior Staff Writer

1. Fringe has just about reached my gross-out threshold and it's only the second episode. From the flesh-ripping, bone-splintering sound effects in the opening "labor and delivery" scene, to the eyeball extraction: I watched the whole thing with either my hands over my ears or my eyes. Nasty but very X-File proud. Speaking of eyeballs (and X-Files)...

2. Reading the last image before death off of the retina of an (obviously) dead person? Yeah, I know it's science fiction and all, but, really? Seriously? That went a bit too far. Yet, as a whole, this was a fun episode. Guess I'm sticking with it...

So what do YOU think? Give us your Two Cents and we'll use it to install seat warmers in our car. (I am SO with Dr. Bishop on that one!)

[photo: Craig Blankenhorn/FOX]

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  1. That eyeball I spoke of? It's right there. In the picture. RIGHT THERE! Make it stop looking at me!


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