Monday, September 1, 2008

TwoCents 2008 Fall Preview - Mondays (ABC)

After the Monday Edition of "Dancing With The Stars" we have:

Show: Samantha Who?
Premiere Date: October 6th
Time: 9:30PM EST
TwoCents Reviewer: OPEN
Starring: Christina Applegate as Samantha, Jennifer Esposito as Andrea, Kevin Dunn as Howard, Melissa McCarthy as Dena, Tim Russ as Frank with Barry Watson as Todd and Jean Smart as Regina.
Program Description: Sam will need to continue to piece together things from her past to guide her in discovering who she is... or was. After all, sometimes to get to the end of the story, the only place to start is the beginning.

Show: Boston Legal
Premiere Date: Sept 22
Time: 10:00PM EST
TwoCents Reviewer: OPEN
Starring: James Spader as Alan Shore, John Larroquette as Carl Sack, Christian Clemenson as Jerry Espenson, Gary Anthony Williams as Clarence/Clarice Bell, Tara Summers as Katie Lloyd, Saffron Burrows as Lorraine Weller, with Candice Bergen as Shirley Schmidt and William Shatner as Denny Crane.
Premiere Description: On the season premiere episode, "Smoke Signals," Bethany Horowitz asks Alan Shore to help her out with a case against a large tobacco company. But when it turns out that the defense attorney is Phoebe Prentice (Ally Walker, "Profiler," "Tell Me You Love Me"), an old flame of Alan's, he finds himself distracted and fears that he won't be able to perform in court. Meanwhile, Denny is distraught over his own personal lack of performance in the bedroom. Led by an Emmy Award-winning cast, "Boston Legal" returns for its fifth and final season to tell the professional and personal stories of a group of brilliant but often emotionally challenged attorneys.

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