Friday, September 5, 2008

TwoCents 2008 Fall Preview - Fridays (CBS)

Numbers of Ex Ghosts show up on Friday nights on CBS...

Show: The Ghost Whisperer
Premiere Date: Oct 3
Time: 8:00PM EST
TwoCents Staff Writer: OPEN
Starring: Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon, David Conrad as Jim Clancy, Camryn Manheim as Delia Banks, Christoph Sanders as Ned Banks, Jamie Kennedy as Eli James.
Premiere Description: When a fire breaks out at Rockland University , Jim saves a young psychology professor, Eli, who suffers a near death experience and Melinda befriends him and soon realizes he shares her same ability, on the fourth season premiere.

Show: The Ex List (NEW)
Premiere Date: Oct 3
Time: 9:00PM EST
TwoCents Staff Writer: Shannon
Starring: Elizabeth Reaser as Bella Bloom, Rachel Boston as Daphne Bloom, Adam Rothenberg as Augie, Alexandra Breckenridge as Vivian, and Amir Talai as Cyrus.
Program Description: Bella Bloom - a single, 30-something, successful business owner who is surprised to learn from a psychic that she's already dated her future husband AND there's a catch: if she doesn't find him in the next year, she'll remain alone forever. During a bachelorette party for her sister, Daphne, Bella learns from the psychic she must revisit her past relationships and sort through the mistakes to find her soul mate. Skeptical, Bella begins to analyze every past liaison and failed romance with her close circle of friends, Augie, an endearing guy who has listened to Bella's love woes since college, Vivian, Augie's long-term girlfriend, and Cyrus, who's chronically unemployed and full of wry observations. Once Bella witnesses proof of the psychic's other predictions, her cynicism disappears and she begins her search. Along her trip down break-up lane, Bella is determined to remain optimistic and receptive, believing that when destiny reopens doors to the past, every relationship can matter in the future.

Premiere Date: Oct 3
Time: 10:00PM EST
TwoCents Staff Writer: OPEN
Starring: Rob Morrow as Don Eppes, David Krumholtz as Charlie Eppes, Judd Hirsch as Alan Eppes, Alimi Ballard as David Sinclair, Navi Rawat as Amita Ramajuan, Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger, Aya Sumika as Liz Warner, Sophina Brown as Nikki Betancourt, Peter MacNicol as Dr. Larry Fleinhardt.
Premiere Description: Don and his team hunt for the killers of two rock climbers found in possession of a large diamond. Also, Charlie decides if he should try to get his FBI clearance reinstated, and a new agent joins the team, on the fifth season premiere.

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