Monday, September 8, 2008

Gossip Girl Weekly Tease

Gossip Girl Tease
“Never Been Marcused”

Alicia Gray – TwoCents Reviewer

Lord Marcus might have some ‘splaining to do. Our Lord Hottie has quite a few dirty little secrets. Lords can’t ALL be perfect can they? And when we meet the MOM (Mother of Marcus) heads will spin. On the other side of life, Nate and Serena seemingly get closer, while Chuck and Lord Hottie strike an unusual bond. Blair in the meantime makes a revelation.

I’m not one for Marcus sadly, but I think I like where they’re taking this character. What do we all think of our new Lord? Jot it down here! I'll be back with the full recap & review soon!

[photo: Eric Liebowitz/The CW]

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