Friday, June 6, 2008

NewsRadio - Summer DVD Bookclub

Summer Review Intro

PG Ignacio - Associate Editor

I normally write reviews for The Office and 30 Rock. When the idea came about to recap and review a show that is no longer on the air, I decided to stay consistent. The two shows I write about are comedies about types of work places - an office setting and a sketch comedy show. So I decided on NewsRadio. A comedy about an AM news radio station in New York City, WNYX. How funny can AM radio be? It's not the radio that is funny, it's the people that work there. Even funnier, is the lack of work at the station.

Next week, I'll provide a Recap & Review of Episode 1 of the first season. After that, you can view almost the entire first season at hulu.

The voices of NewsRadio...

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  1. Here is a list of the characters (actor/actress name, and other shows they appear):

    • Dave Nelson (Dave Foley, The Kids in the Hall; A Bug's Life)
    • Lisa Miller (Maura Tierney, ER; Liar, Liar)
    • Bill McNeal (Phil Hartman, SNL)
    • Catherine Duke (Khandi Alexander, CSI: Miami)
    • Jimmy James (Stephen Root, Office Space)
    • Beth (Vicki Lewis)
    • Matthew Brock (Andy Dick, The Andy Dick Show)
    • Joe Garrelli (Joe Rogan, Fear Factor)


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