Monday, June 9, 2008

Christopher Gorham Not Moving to NY with Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty's hunky accountant will be staying behind and not joinng the rest of the cast in N.Y.! Christopher Gorham who plays "Henry" told TV Guide that he will not be joining them when he was at the SKYY Vodka screening of "Sex in the City" on May 29th.
My question is ...Does this mean Gio is Betty's choice? or is she going to choose neither guy and decide to be on her own?

I wonder if Chris Gorham will be making guest appearances on the show to somehow keep his character alive?

In a way I was not surprised by this, because he does have two young boys that he would have to uproot and if he could find other work in California (which I have no doubts he can) why not stay and just fly to NY when they need him in an episode.
I, for one, will miss him greatly!!


- Karen, TwoCents Reviewer

source: SpoilerTV

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