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"Survivor: Micronesia, Fans vs. Favorites" Recap & Review - Season 16, Episode 2

Survivor: Micronesia, Fans vs. Favorites
“The Sounds of Jungle Love”
Season 16, Episode 02

Original Air Date: February 14, 2008

Rachel - TwoCents Staff Writer

The Top 19 Things I Learned About the Castaways of Survivor: Micronesia

The Favorites:
1. Amanda is in trouble. One kiss (literally and figuratively) of death in this game is hooking up with another castaway. Be careful, girl!
2. Ami is still not making an imprint on my memory. Was she ever on Survivor? Seriously, I don’t remember her at all!
3. Cirie is not flying under the radar as much as she would like. Banished to Exile Island, did she find the Immunity Idol?
4. Eliza can’t keep her mouth shut. Still.
5. James is also in trouble in the whole “hooking-up with another castaway” arena.
6. Jonathan is right on the money when he voices his disgust at all the lovin’ going on.
7. Ozzy has a target on his back because of the rather loud making-out sessions with Amanda. Do they not realize that EVERYONE can hear what is going on?
8. Parvati and James, too? Seriously, did Survivor just turn into The Real World: Las Vegas?
9. Yau Man can sleep through anything.

The Fans:
10. Alexis helps Mikey get the fire going after the other boys try for hours. They even had flint and couldn’t do it! You go, girl!
11. Chet is the weakest member of the Airai tribe. I could tell by the way he was actually walking during the Reward/Immunity Challenge. WALKING.
12. Erik has Farrah-hair.
13. Jason hasn’t really done anything to stick in my mind yet. Sorry.
14. Joel found Mikey too bossy. Therefore, Joel became bossier and orchestrated a Tribal Council blindside, voting off Mikey’s potential hook-up, Mary. Have these people not seen the show before?
15. Kathleen was also sent to Exile Island where she proceeded to moon over Cirie. Did she find the hidden Immunity Idol?
16. Mary is yet another castaway falling into the trap of hooking-up on island. Too bad she got voted off before she could consummate anything with Mikey (like those crazy kids over at Malakal).
17. Mikey has apparently watched every season of Survivor multiple times, what with all the Tribal Council scenarios he placed before the group.
18. Natalie who?
19. Tracy thought she was on the chopping block along with Chet, but she trusted Joel and stuck around. Oh, and she built two shelters.

Next week: “I Should be Carried on the Chariot-Type Thing!”


  1. I don't even watch survivor, but you're comments are halarious! Don't perk my interest! I don't want to get hooked otherwise American Idol will get bumped off of my reality TV weekend nights.

  2. Good try at providing balanced coverage of the two tribes; so far even after episode 3 the Faves are stealing the show!

    The poll on my blog is dominated by the Faves as you would expect….


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