Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some (SMALL) "The Office" Convention News

I've just heard from my contact with The Office Convention in Scranton, PA with a little bit of news.

Now, don't get too excited, they still do not have any information about a 2008 Convention, but I have been told they are at least in discussions about "future plans".

However, if you still want to hear about last year, the Convention's official site has a new link to an interview some of the organizers did with BlogTalkRadio.com.

Click HERE to listen to the interview (called The Rundown) - and if you listen closely, they talk about a special guest who may be visiting Scranton for their HUGE St. Patrick's Day Parade! (Here's a hint - what does CFO mean to you?)

Listen around the 10 Minute mark for some comments on the Blogger's Breakfast including a mention of yours truly!

Click on ScrantonBranchOffice.com for all of our previous news, reports and first hand accounts from the Convention.

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