Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Original Air Date: Tuesday January 8, 2008

PG Ignacio, TwoCents Staff Writer

Tonight began Conan’s first full week of Late Night since returning to air from the strike.

Conan started his monologue by reminding everyone about the WGA strike and recapped some of the things he’s been doing on the show with out writers - W.O.W. (See past 3 reviews here on TheTwoCents) He decided to mix it up tonight by letting everyone know a little bit about Conan O’Brien:

Height: 6’4
Weight: 178 lbs
Middle Name: Christopher
For a few hours, doctors thought he was a baby girl
Favorite Snack: Cheese popcorn
Favorite Band: 5 of the guys from The Max Weinberg 7
ATM Card Code: 0418
Biggest Mistake: Giving out ATM card code
Favorite Past Time: Looking at this beautiful audience
Finally: “I’m a whore.”

Tonight, Conan introduced the first Late Night Light Show. He pulled out a silver box with a red button on top. He told everyone to pretend you’re at a German disco…The studio went dark, green laser lights filled the studio, and Conan started talking like a German DJ in a microphone. Not once, but twice.

Conan also gave out items from the NBC store to the audience – Howie Mandel bobble head doll, Friends Christmas ornament, Cheers Norm’s Nuts, his coffee table, Biggest Loser Hat (given to La Bamba in the band), My Pretty Conan t-shirt, NBC rain poncho, and a To Catch A Predator book.

Conan’s guests were Hulk Hogan, Regina Hill, and musical guest Nicole Atkins.

PG’s TwoCents: Conan started off the week great and it really looks like his show will not suffer from the strike, no matter how much he verbally admits missing their contribution. I’ll take a break from writing Late Night reviews, unless something really juicy happens on any given night. I’ll be at this Friday’s taping of Late Night and look forward to giving some TwoCents on the experience. Have a great week!

Conan’s Quote: “Would you have that number?” (Response to Regina Hall explaining that Ron Jeremy does infomercials about male enhancements.)

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