Wednesday, December 26, 2007

TheTwoCents 2007 Review - Best/Worst of TV

We've surveyed our staff and here's how we felt about 2007:

Our favorite TV shows of the Fall Season 2007:
1. The Office
Sure, 2007 found Pam and Jim in a solid relationship but Season 4 of "The Office" was a little off its game. The fans thought it wasn't up to the level that Season 3 had. All that being said, the strike shortened season of The Office was still much better than most other programs on television.

2. Pushing Daisies
3. Chuck
4. House
5. How I Met Your Mother

Honorable Mentions: Heroes, Reaper

Our LEAST favorite TV shows of the Fall Season 2007:
1. Viva Laughlin
Hugh Jackman should have kept his singing and dancing for Broadway and the Tony Awards because it just couldn't help the premise of this show. How many people outside of Vegas even get the title joke? Was there even a chance anyone would watch this? I think just about everyone won the pool when this was the first show to be cancelled.

2. Big Shots
3. Cavemen
4. K-Ville
5. Bionic Woman
(Dis-Honorable Mention: Big Bang Theory, Moonlight, Most Reality Shows)

So, what do you all think? What were your favorite/least favorite shows of 2007's Fall TV Season? Share your TwoCents with us about it in our comments section.

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