Friday, October 5, 2007

"Survivor:China" Recap & Review - "Week 3"

"Week 3"

Originial Air Date: October 4, 2007

Josh - TwoCents Staff Writer

In this weeks episode of Survivor: China, we start off with another creepy moment with Jean-Robert. Apparently during the night, Jean-Robert insists on cuddling with this female tribe mates despite their obvious objections. In the morning, James catches a crab and the tribe argues over how they should split it and eat it. The mood around Fei Long seems to be a tense one, despite their constant wins so far, being underfed is starting to take its toll.

Over at Zhan Hu, Dave is still talking down to everyone and still over exerting himself. He defends himself by saying that a well organized camp leads to winning the challenges…apparently Dave’s already forgotten about last weeks immunity challenge where he was too burnt out to even finish the challenge.

The reward challenge is for comfort, but it’s not going to be easy, this challenge is basically the classic school yard game of ‘King of the Mountain’. The object is to be the last person standing. It looks very painful, and the censors have their work cut out for them due to the fact that everyone is playing in their underwear, except for Dave: he plays naked. Which could have worked, seeing as Zhan Hu wins their first reward. Jamie makes a smart move and says they should kidnap Leslie and they do. Which unknown to everyone else on the Zhan Hu tribe means that Leslie gets an immunity idol clue for Zhan Hu that she must give to one of them. Seeing as Jamie gave hers to Leslie, we can assume good Christian Leslie will do the same. Which she does.

Because of the win, the mood around Zhan Hu is a fun one without anyone arguing and Leslie talks about being misunderstood at Fei Long because there are no Christians and because they are cynical.

Over at Fei Long, the creepy Jean-Robert is talking with James in the water about wanting to vote out Courtney, but also tossing a variety of uncomfortable terms about Courtney and him wanting a piece of ass. Unknown to the two of them, Courtney and Todd are about 20 feet away in the woods listening to every word. Courtney’s disgusted as is Todd.

The immunity challenge involves using a machete and cutting through some bamboo and ropes to get several round puzzle pieces that will need to be assembled at the end. One by one Zhan Hu quickly hacks their way and collect all their puzzle pieces while Courtney is struggling to cut through just one. Eventually she gets through it and Fei Long quickly catches up and they really do seem to have a shot but Dave and Sherea cross the finish line first winning their first immunity.

Fei Long tries to figure out who they’re going to vote out, and it boils down Courtney, Jean-Robert and Leslie on the hot seat. Todd seems to be torn, on the one hand he wants to get rid of the big guys now so he doesn’t have to end up against them later but Leslie is weak, and he doesn’t trust what she was up to while at the Zhan Hu tribe. What Todd doesn’t mention is the fact that last week Leslie told him about the immunity clue and if she goes home, then Todd’s the only one on Fei Long with the knowledge of it.

At Tribal Council Jean-Robert calls out Courtney and Leslie for being weak, Courtney in turn, says that because she’s so small the bigger guys have made her sit out and put her in positions where she can’t do damage to the team, which seeing what happened to Courtney at the immunity challenge, might not be such a bad idea. Leslie then talks about what a great tribe Zhan Hu is and that they won the last two challenges because of their heart (aka Christians). I think this was the deciding factor for a lot of the tribe as the votes go 6 to 2 in favor of Leslie being the 3rd person voted out of Survivor: China. All the while all I can think of is why we have yet to hear Denise talk. What gives Jeff? No love for lunch ladies?

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