Friday, October 5, 2007

"Supernatural" Recap & Review - "The Magnificent Seven"

"The Magnificent Seven"

Original Air Date: October 4, 2007

Jenny D - TwoCents Staff Writer

It’s Jenny D. welcoming you to Season 3 of Supernatural. And man. Was it all that I hoped for and more!

As expected, Dean shows his true colors being a horny slob; eating whatever he likes, not taking care of himself, and then there were the “Double mint Twins”. While Dean is enjoying the end of his life, Sam is concerned how he is going to get his brother out of this mess. While you can tell Sam does not approve of Dean’s lifestyle, he says nothing.

Five days have passed since the gates of Hell were opened, yet things have stayed quiet. Bobbie has been looking into possible demon signs and the trio Kansas. A family sits dead in front of their TV and appears to be mummified. When they hear a noise, they go to check it out and discover Tamara and Isaac snooping around. They tackle Dean but Bob recognizes them, so they back off. The two of them are also demon hunters investigating what is happening. They do not want to work with Sam and Dean because they blame them for the war that they are all having to fight. The five of them leave as we get our first glimpse of Ruby, one of the new female leads.
A man from the beginning who gets possessed goes to a shoes store and encourages a woman to go after a pair of shoes. Unfortunately another woman has them and they are the last pair. It didn’t stop her though. She followed the woman with the shoes out of the store and proceeds to beat her head into her car windshield until she gets the shoes. Wow, that was pretty nasty! Good thing they are on late!

Bobby goes to investigate the killing and finds out she is not a demon….They decide to follow the man from the shoe store to a bar. Little did they know that is was a demon bar. Unfortunately for Tamara and Isaac, they showed up to the bar and found out the hard way. They made Isaac drink drain cleaner. Which he was a little to willing to do. I thought that this whole part was great. They did a great job setting up the main focus of the story and in such a major way. Introducing……… The Seven Deadly Sins, in possessed human form. One touch from them, a human performs the sin.

Dean, Sam and Bobby bust in and save Tamara, but it is too late for Isaac.
The Sins follow them back to Tamara’s house, using Isaac to get to her. They are able to exercise Envy and Gluttony. However, they still have for more sins to deal with. Lust goes after Dean, irony? I think not. Sam is left to deal with the other 3 and not very well I might add. This is when Ruby busts in to save the day. Pretty cool. It is nice to see a female character kick butt! They take care of exercising the demons from the people who were still alive and burning the others. Tamara leaves as Bobby reminds the boys to watch for omens.

What is next? Sam wants to head to Louisiana to get Dean out of the deal with the crossroad demon, but Dean admits that if he messes with the deal at all, Sam dies. And he would rather be dead than let Sam die. Can you feel the love?

This episode totally kicked butt! They did a great job; it was everything I was hoping for. I really liked the introduction of Ruby and look forward to seeing her in the future. I give the episode an A! A bit gory, but what do you expect from a show like this. See you next week for an eerie episode about possessed kids. YIKES!

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