Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Star Wars" TV Series(es) News

George Lucas and his 'people' can now get down to work on their television projects after having wrapped filming of Indiana Jones.

Lucas will be doing two shows. One is a 3-D animated version of Clone Wars which he is currently shopping to networks.

The big story though is the live action series he's creating. is a great place for all news Star Wars and they have THIS CONSTANTLY UPDATED STORY that has some very juicy little tidbits. Of course, consider them all to be rumors until the King of Merchandising confirms them himself.

Also, E! is reporting that Lucas has said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times: ""The Skywalkers aren't in it—it's about minor characters," the 63-year-old Lucas told the newspaper. "It has nothing to do with Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader or any of those people. It's completely different.""

I'm picturing it as a Star Trek version of the Star Wars Galaxy.

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